Sunday, November 9, 2008

Louboutin and Dubai <3

"His glossy red-soled shoes are the talk of the fashion world and a hit with celebrities. French designer Christian Louboutin talks high heels, the female mind and the possibility of a store in Dubai.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN mastered the intricate mechanics of the female mind from an early age.

As if this weren’t enough, a New York survey found that Louboutins were the most sought after shoe for women in 2008.

City Times talked to Christian about his hectic life and ever-expanding global empire.

What keeps you coming back to Dubai?

I have always loved the Middle East. I’ve visited Dubai six times in the last three years. It’s extremely modern – I’m not talking construction, but the way people interact with one another. There’s a lot of energy, which comes from the fact it’s a totally new place. It’s a work in progress every day and night.

How likely are we to see a Christian Louboutin store in Dubai?

It’s quite likely – I’m looking at possible locations. A lot of people from Dubai complain they don’t have enough of a selection, which is definitely true, and they ask me to come here. I have a tendency to listen to my clients, and when you hear the same thing every day you think ‘okay, there’s a gap in the market’. Last time I came I was looking at the selection of shoes, and it’s quite poor compared to the needs of Dubai’s women. Not that you need shoes, but it’s a desire. People do dress up here and the women like to express their femininity through shoes. It definitely would make sense for me to have a place in Dubai."

(part of an article on Gulf News)

I also read somewhere that he gloated over the fact that 4 women were strutting down the street in their Abayas, when the wind blew and they all had red soles on.. XD

I personally cannot wait for his store to open in the Dubai mall! XD Oh and do keep an eye on his webby which is due any day now!

PS. Rumor has it that by the end of 2008 every pair of loubies will come with an extra red sole ;)

- To red soles and hand-crafted wonders! xx


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

yummy! =D

in my choos said...

im sooo flying in if he hosts a shoe signing event!



Baroque said...

i love Laboutin and all that jazz, but one thing pisses me off, why is it that their shoes expand?

i always buy a suffocating pair that i can't seem to walk in, and in less than a month they start popping out of my feet!

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

After every post of yours I get more and more tempted to take a trip to Dubai. Unfortunately, nothing planned yet.

Delly said...

lat7ireeni! ;p hehehe
hey mr.louboutin,, we want a store here in kuwait! kuwaiti women are so elegant and needs louboutin's to complete their outfits ;)

Peony said...

mashalla everything is in Dubai.. im really thinking of moving there..

3anooda said...

fastidious - r u getting paid by the ministry of tourism mal dubai?? wouldnt be surprised low people move there because of u. LOOOL

here boy come here boy *talking to my next pair of loubies"

Fastidious Babe said...

dandooon: XD

in my choos: a girl can only wish!!

baroque: really?? i did not have the problem, but thats prolly cuz i dont wear them much! i kinda like lookin at them more than struttin in them cuz they pinch my toes more than the usual shoes.. love them to bits tho! lol xx

sham3at al jillas: you should prolly come over once everything opens up in dubai mall, that would be a great time for a lil trip to dubai XD

delly: i second that mr louboutin XD lol xx

peony: 7ayyaaaaaach XD

3anoooda: lol naah lil asaf im doing this pro bono :P

gorgeousness said...

Cant wait!!
I simply *heart* his Gorgeous shoes...

eshda3wa said...

lifts her loubs in celebration

Fastidious Babe said...

cin cin lol