Friday, November 21, 2008

Atlantis' Grand Opening

"A host of international stars including actor Chris Tucker, pop diva Kylie Minogue and Hollywood legend Robert de Niro have joined celebrations marking the opening of a new resort in Dubai.

A spectacular light show was put on at the unveiling of the new $1.5bn marine-themed facility built off the Gulf coast on an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree.

Organisers claimed that the fireworks display for the $20m party could be seen from space."


Also: lindsey lohan and her gal pal sam were there, along with mary kate olsen, mischa barton, janet jackson, michael jordan (remember him? lol) and charlize theron..There's a rumor going around that Oprah was there too..

- to celeb spotting! lol x


Baroque said...

i was blown away!
its one of those moments i was utterly breathless and bewildered, even though i saw it on TV..
but she ruined it all-the presenter- at the end when she said, "and now, let's party!", the worst closure for such an amazing show/opening..

Delly said...

mashalla amazing! ;)

Livingmylife said...

omg i heard about that today .. i friend was there .. he says he walked around feeling like a king .. apparently thats wat they were going for .. and yeah he said the fireworks were OUTSTANDING! .. ABEEEEE


A Journal Entry said...

i saw it yesterday.. it was amaaazing mashallah!

f7ee7eely said...

to sum my stay at Atlantis in two words hmmmmmmmmm I'd say sheer horror....nothing close to what we have anticipated!!

Sorry Modern Talking but "Atlantis" aint "calling SOS for love"

atoona said...

wow, that was amazing! el fireworks 7adhum 9akkaw 3ala mal Disney!
its a bit scary how Dubai is growing in a very fast rate.

ting said...

omg exactly, it's scary how dubai is growing in such a fast rate >.<

Phantom said...

I'm I living in this part of the world :\ when did all this happen....
^Indeed.. scary.

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

to say im impressed would be the understatement of the millenium!

Even Sweeter said...

I KNOWWW I saw a little from my apartment and MAN the fireworks were More than amazing! God i was dying to see the olsen sisters but the palms residents were only allowed to enter!!

Maitha said...

I was there, the only thing i can say is that there is no word in the dictionary than can describe how amazing the fireworks were!!
It literally left me speachless!!

Mme.Monstre said...

the night of the opening i was applying lotion and getting ready to sleep .. :P and i hear the fireworks and thought it's some kind of accident i look out the window .. and the fireworks are there mn my window all i saw is a strip of golden fireworks streching from burj al arab till dubai marina .. n i was like .. " sho el salfeh " =P .. my sis later called me to see it on tv ... i think it looks nicer since its shot from a helicopter angle and then i'd know sho elsafeh .. my mom was very pessimistic .. she's not very happy of the change that is happening in dubai .. anyhow ..the day after seeing the opening on tv ... i discovered we had invitations !!!

Fastidious Babe said...

Baroque: it was breathtaking indeed xx

Delly: :)

Livingmylife: i wasn't there, but im sure those who were felt like royalty! x

A journal entry: :)

f7ee7eely: I heard people complain about the service last month, i guess they were understaffed or something.. don't know how the situation is right now, but im guessing with all the high profile guest lists they probably got their act together..

atoona, ting and phantom: yes the pace does seem fast, but work on the palm started in 2001.. that's 7 years ago.. when i think of it that way... it really doesnt seem like a super fast pace of events..

Dandooon: it was great indeed xx

Even sweeter: i know, i saw the sign. lol

Maitha: it must have been amazing from there! x

Mme Monstre: well i had read all about the opening ceremony and the "overglow" after party earlier, and to tell u the truth, i was kinda pessimistic about the whole thing (comme ta mere) but i did love the fireworks.. it was a great show! x

Mme.Monstre said...

lol yeah same here .. i only loved the fireworks ,, she on the other hand .. was blinded by her negativity and didnt enjoy the firework show