Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tv news :p

I'm staying in today, the plan was to work on my thesis, and I am.. Mmm just thought u guys my want to know what's goin on in the media industry :p

-Sara palin to appear on the season finale of desperate house wives. (Hmmm, act much?)

- Lipstick jungle to stop airing, ratings are too low. (Bummer)

- Hilary duff's getting her own show. (Might be interesting)

- Obama to go on 60 mins today. (Definitely something to look forward to)

- Pushing daisies is still on the fence (I personally did not like that show)

- to procrastination xx

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FourMe said...

noooooooooooooo i love lipstick jungle!! why whyyyyyy are they stopping it?! noooooooooooooo you just ruined my day :(

Fastidious Babe said...

Fourme: its NBC's decision babe (they have been running low on cash what with the recession n all) so if u wanna blame someone blame the economy and/or bush ;p

Dreamy said...

oh no =( i didnt want to believe it was true *sob sob*

how come shows like PD is still on and LJ is off

Anonymous said...

yeah it sucks all the good shows get canceled .. other than the economic recession i think that TV is so yesterday .. how can the true ratings be measured when anyone barely sits in front of their television anymore? its the age of the online everything .. first cashmere mafia and now lipstick jungle :'( no more fashion-y shows..

A Journal Entry said...

eeeee i heard about lipstick jungle.. 3ad i love it 7asafah =(

Fastidious Babe said...

dreamy: i know! i think it has to do with the networks... pushing daisies is on abc or the cw or something...

anonymous: i know! no one needs an actual tv anymore.. we still have gossip girl tho xD

a journal entry: i saw season 1.. didnt get to season 2 yet..but liked it so far.. yeah well..

Pinkish ♥ said...

oh no I love lipstick jungle :(

Delly said...

thank god its not desperate housewives :p