Monday, July 21, 2008

As of today I have decided:

1. To put my exams on hold, yes I will delay my postgrad exams for 6 more months, per last year was one exam/assignment/presentation/oncall/etc after the other. So why am I rushing into it?

2. To re-do the living room area, I mean why not?

3. To kick-start my detox plan by fasting ( a la pre-ramadan)

4. To look for a new gym, 5 years are too long for any place in dubai! I'm gonna broaden my horizons and see what else is out there ;p

5. To go for low lights, I don't care if solid colours are in right now.

6. To stop shopping (for the time being), consider investing in something (yeah, right! But we all agree that a birkin is an investment, vero?)

7. Et finally, I decided to maybe probably plus-minus play with the idea of starting a family. MAYBE.

- to seeing em decisioni through! xx
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chika said...

good luck!! man, ramadan.. ok, I like it bas my routine gets messed up :$

A Journal Entry said...

wow there are some huge steps ur taking.. wish u luck! ;)

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

1. Good Luck on the exams... I agree i dont get why the rush!

2. What are you thinking of redo? any particular theme?

3. I should start that.. to see how many hours i could do without food ;/ (I love fasting.. dont get me wrong its just with the new ME.. i have to try it out) thanx for the reminder

4. Gym ! :/ :( I want a pool !

7. :D With all the nightmares and all the talk and the bla3iness ;) I WOULD SAY GO FOR IT ! but.. do your homework first.. LOADS of pre-thinking .. planning and stuff to do ! :)

Fastidious Babe said...

chika: i know.. not having coffee in the morning is how i test my will!

a journal entry: yes they are! molto grazzie xx

dreamzy: 1. thanx! 2. the couch basically, and i'm going with modern- eclectic.. something easy on the eyes and comfy! 3. i kinda HAVE to fast if u know what i mean lol 4. my current gym has a pool, i just can't seem to use it.. its an OCD issue. 5?6? lol what happened there :P 7. oh ma3alaich im all about the planning ahead! xx

FourMe said...

Think again about your post grad.. I put my on hold and now screwed to get back on track..

Delicately Realistic said...

I really really should start fasting ;/

Big Pearls said...

what is ur detox plan?:)

and yeah a birkin is defintely an investment;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats alotta decisions!!

good luck sweetie! :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oh and i just realized that the rss isnt working for my blog for some reason so you might wanna check the link at

i thought id let everyone know since people think i just disappeared into thin air lol

PinkChampagne said...

Seems like a sudden urge to do a 180 and go in a new direction...change is always a good thing and the dynamics that come with it definitely do broaden your horizons.
Whats your postgrad specialty?
I love the birkin idea...Im still looking for my elusive black one somewhere out there...seriously its easier to get an exotic skin one than black in my experience :)
Toying with the idea of having a family is a really big step forward...whatever you choose you will be a really great parent one day enshalla.
I wish you all the best F.B *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Goodluck on your exams wether you take them now or later..
I miss ramadan

CoutureCarrie said...

Big revelations! I applaud your efforts to turn over a new leaf and explore your options . . . and I'm also loving that shoe slideshow!
Btw, of course a Birkin is a good investment!!


Fastidious Babe said...

fourme: i got half the exams outta the way, so i think its okay for now.. inshalla khair xx

delicately realistic: aah me too! inshalla inshalla mn il weekend!

big pearls: well for starters, no caffeine for a week.. and then we can see how it goes lol

dandoon: thanx babe, and im gonna check on the rss thingy! although i don't know much 3an hal swalf :P

PC: ur comment made me smile in the most perfect time ever, i was stuck in traffic and it was boiling out there, anyways xD i'm getting my board in family medicine inshalla, and doing masters in quality in healthcare.. so its a bit of this n that.. I'm waiting to get hold of the "bringing home the birkin" book , As for the whole parenting thing.. it really is a huge responsibility and i wish i could say that "im gonna be a great parent" with confidence! its new grounds.. so its kinda scary... ma3arf.. inshalla khair! xx

jester: thank you.. :) and i miss ramadan too!

couturecarrie: it's from my bow post earlier! glad u liked it! xx

Lono said...

hmmm good luck with all the steps , the thousand mile start with one foot a head,
on no.4 yes agree hard to find decent gym so I will buy the equipments on no.6 as we say ( eeee Hayen ) lol
no.7 hard one, it depands on the age and the right partner.

Fastidious Babe said...

thanx lono :)