Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lace up!

Lace is feminine, it could be outdated.. but this fall its back! So how will u wear lace this fall?

On your arms?

Or toes? a la Valentino

and Booties from Cavalli


Or from head to toe? a la prada

- to going back to basics with a twist! xx


PinkChampagne said...

Gorgeous post F.B. I like your taste.
I love the Chanel stockings can't wait to get my hands on for lace its a staple in my wardrobe...with silk..with leather ;) kinky I know...a soft long as its really fine,soft and not tacky its a great way to pull off a stunning classic look.

f7ee7eely said...
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f7ee7eely said...

So should anticipate seeing alot of laced up women this coming fall in de avenues?:P

lace gets two thumbs up from me:)

Ansam said...

I love lace!
I like your fashion posts... they have a different flavor hehehe

Have you been to Burano?

A Journal Entry said...

i'd wear them on my toes =)
or as a blouse..

btw.. i can't thank u enough for recommending the chanel gloss!
its the best gloss i have ever bought! reeeeaaally liked it.. thank u! =*

Anonymous said...

what brand is the bag?

Fastidious Babe said...

pc: its all about mixing it up in a classy way! glad u liked the post babe xx

f7ee7eely: lol well.. i guess so!

ansam: NO! I haven't been to italy yet! But i googled Burano and the place looks amazing.. any recommendations?

a journal entry: UR WELCOME! isn't it just perfect? *i was thinking toes too btw*

anon: that's ur hw for the night ;)

Mi said...

Lace is so feminine indeed! Love prada's dress.

Fastidious Babe said...

yes.. the patterns are just exquisite!

├J o u j a┤™ said...

i love Lace
its such a fancy thing to wear

Fastidious Babe said...

oh then ur gonna love next season x

Faten said...

I "heart" lace !

I will wear something like the first shoe, or maybe the bag...beautiful selection