Friday, July 25, 2008

Shakespeare's sonnet 28

"How can I then return in happy plight,
That am debarr'd the benefit of rest?
When day's oppression is not eased by night,
But day by night, and night by day, oppress'd?
And each, though enemies to either's reign,
Do in consent shake hands to torture me;
The one by toil, the other to complain
How far I toil, still farther off from thee.
I tell the day, to please them thou art bright
And dost him grace when clouds do blot the heaven:
So flatter I the swart-complexion'd night,
When sparkling stars twire not thou gild'st the even.
But day doth daily draw my sorrows longer
And night doth nightly make grief's strength seem stronger."

I was reminded today of a sonnet (by a very special person *winkwink* lol), anyways.. it got me in the mood.. i like poetry.. back in day i had a passion for the works of Shakespeare, Auden, Keats and Blake.. But I guess i stopped finding the time to read.. Having said that, the sonnet i have pasted above is a beautiful piece of writing that i thought would be nice to share.. So if ur into literature.. enjoy!

- to long forgotten literature! xx


PinkChampagne said...
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PinkChampagne said...

lol deleted my post to try and fix the link below but it still wont work technoblondie me :s Anywaysss...
The sonnet is beautiful brought back memories...its from the fair youth sequence he wrote as you already know..
My favourite is Sonnet 18's "But thy eternal summer shall not fade"
Im glad you made this post...its high time literature got back..Lord Byron had beautiful work too.
I wanted you to check out a link that will make you smile...Ive always felt we've had a bond in so many similarities since we began interacting online...this will explain what I mean :)

To your fabulousness bubblycheers!

Big Pearls said...

I am not a poetry person but this was a beautiful one:)

CoutureCarrie said...

I love Shakespeare as well! I still have the opening sonnet of Romeo & Juliet memorized!

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: i knew ur gonna like this post! will check out ur link right away.. my favorite is sonnet 116 "let me not to marriage of true minds admit impediments" xx

bigpearls: glad u did babe! poetry is a form of art, and u need to be in the right mood to enjoy it :)

couturcarrie: i have the memory of a goldfish! i always get the words mixed up lol x

Mi said...

beautiful piece of writing indeed.. Thanks for sharing !