Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sleep Deprived in Dubai

Doesn't it bother you that in situations that really matter in ur life, you can never know if the decision you made was the right one, that you cannot foresee what comes next, that there is no "standard" you can compare urself to? No ffw/rewind buttons?

Doesn't it bother you when you know in ur gut that there are things that absolutely have to be said and done, but that you cannot do anything about it for the time being? That no matter how impatient you are, there are forces stronger than you that pave your path?

Doesn't it also bother you, that sometimes.. You make big mistakes just because u did not bother to think out the consequences or were too impulsive to consider not making them?

And doesn't it bother u that u only get one chance, one lifetime, one go to make it all work? That it is up to u and only you to make ur life worthwhile?

It bothers me a lot, in fact it keeps me up all night.

- to the sleep fairy, if ever there was one. xx

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Anonymous said...

the 2nd and the 3d YEAH!!!! to the point were it drives me nuts!!

i hope u sleep!;*

Ruby Woo said...

everyone keeps telling me to stop regreting my previous actions and whatnot but I just can't help it. I have one life and one life only so of course i'm gonna regret that past years weren't used approprietly and I worry about it in the future also.

Fastidious Babe said...

okay looking at this post in daylight i think its prolly to pessimistic for my taste.. im keeping it just cuz u guys already commented!

anon: oh how i hope so too! xx

ruby woo: there is just no point in dwelling in whatever happened in the past, and i would say that we will eventually make a mistake, might possibly even screw up.. but thats what life is all about.. learning from our mistakes.. i guess its human nature to worry about these things.. we want to be in control, it gives us security!

mi said...

Ygoolech thinking is a tool employed by the subby/ego to identify itself, (or what we usually call the "I").

And where there's an 'I', there are others. It means, there's difference, a space to compare. From comparison we get good and bad, right and wrong.

Our Ego either lives in the past, or the future.. Never present, or now.

And like you've told me once: "don't think. Thinking is overrated."

Instead, have a feel of the world around u now, the present.

Be conscious.

Be aware of the thinking process, that's the ego's speaking. Separate urself urself from the Ego, to become the being that is you. Be nice ;)


Delicately Realistic said...

Its not the rewind or fast forward button that im after...

Ive always always wanted a PAUSE button since God knows when !

Fastidious Babe said...

MI! okay 7asait innch ur hypnotizing me shwaya lol .. i fell into this trance wana agra.. i had to re-read it a coupla times.. im not sure i know how to separate the ego from myself though.. OH! i think i just got it.. what ur saying is my thought process should not take over my being? (u do realise that i did not get ANY shut eye mn ilbar7a dontcha?)

and i love that ur quoting me.. plz spread the word :P xoxxo

Fastidious Babe said...

delicately realistic: that would be handy wouldn't it now!

eshda3wa said...

im in such a bad bad mood right now
so EVERYTHING is bothering me!

Ansam said...

i recently am too tired to sleep!
I go to bed DEAD tired but i lay there for long time before I actually fall asleep and to make things worse, lately I have been waking up at night :-S its annoying... but nothing really is bothering me LOL

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

And doesn't it bother u that u only get one chance, one lifetime, one go to make it all work? That it is up to u and only you to make ur life worthwhile

--> eats me alive, that i waste wats left of it :(

Big Pearls said...

a lot of things bother me..what to do? it is life.

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

abaih @@

i read through ur last 3 posts

its like ur in my mind, but ur writting it in ur blog !

Sleep deprived in Dubai <

*those past few weeks ; I havent been sleeping at all. Hubby asks if I remember HOW to sleep in the first place. Alot on my mind but non of them are bothering me! and because i stay awake, i have to get to thougths where i have to just SHUT IT OUT and SHUT DOWN or else.

I hate it when i wake up coz i feel so cranky!

*TO THE MAMAMIA POST ! ABAIH ABAIH ... MY msn/facebook nickname says (I (L) GREECE, CAN i jump into the screen) Hey it rhyms how about that... I was humming the TUNES and i was SHOCKED ! min mita a3arefhom and HOW?!

Anonymous said...

"That's life... that's what all the people saaaaay"

It bothers me... all of it actually, but u take these experiences and lessons file them in ur brain under "life" and hope that maybe u can use them to make life worthwhile;p

Fastidious Babe said...

eshda3wa: hope ur feeling better now?

ansam: oh i know, i keep waking up too.. but i do have alot going on on my mind, and bothering me at the same time XD maybe u nap alot or drink alotta coffee?

dandoon: we should definitely enjoy every moment, and make it worth our while! xx

bigpearls: yes, its the way it goes!

dreamzy: oh so u can relate to whats going on in my head.. glad u liked em posts x

purelyorchid: lol ur comment actually made me smile when i got it XD u an IT major? (just curious)

Ansam said...

I dont like to take afternoon naps... and caffeine doesnt do anything to me.. I can drink a grande latte and sleep right after that ;-)

fashionista said...

purelyorchid love your comment,it's true!!

Fastidious Babe said...

ansam: i stopped doing lattes ages ago, its shot after shot of heavenly espresso!

Anonymous said...

heheheh actually im in finance;p