Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The WoW Factor

Theo Fennell superhero inspired pendant i'm lusting over

Did you know that adult crushes happen all the time? That it is perfectly normal to swoon over a complete stranger just to get that ego-boost a la blast from the past? And that (just like when we were teenagers) a crush can keep you smiling all day long XD

When was the last time any of you had a crush? And i don't mean the "oh he's hot" kinda thing, i mean a full blown "OMGOMG HE JUST PASSED BY" kinda crush lol

And what is the single wow factor that would get you each and every time?

- to innocent crushes!


chika said...

hmm.. a couple of months ago bas now khalas.. I can't pinpoint the factor but I swear that we girls are weird! it's like an infatuation but when we get close it goes away, or is it me!?

PinkChampagne said...

I lovesssss you Fastidious! lool you got me smiling...it was last winter,london, I walked into a cafe with friends for lunch...and there he was sitting with a pal....I swear my heart literally.stopped.beating.
Single wow factor? honestly despite his intense dark eyes <3 and obvious good looks...His aura just blew me away...with a crush its always the aura that draws me..its usually so rare that when it happens Im like OMGGGGGGGG lol.
I skipped out of lunch that day,
and walked on air for the rest of the week lmao.
I cant post anything anymore because Im so addicted to your blog now.Its so much fun xx

A Journal Entry said...

the wow factor for me is the smile.. some ppl have the ability to smile with their lips and eyes.. wow!

Anonymous said...

if i knew wat that factor was, i would have stopped myself from all the stupid stuff i did!!

eshda3wa said...

my god

it has been so long since i let myself feel anything for anyone!

Ansam said...

the wow factor for me is... hehehe well, I notice fingers and toes

When I see them neat and clean I go WOW clean guy hehehe I know weird wow factor huh?

Big Pearls said...

I stopped having strangers crush:p

Fastidious Babe said...

chika: lol thats the thing! a crush must remain a fantasy and nothing but!

PC: i love you too babe! xxx i get the sexy aura thing.. tres hot! and yeah.. u do tend to walk on clouds all day afterwards! *sigh* lol u should post something i miss ur entries!

a journal entry: i love a cute smile with a twinkle in the eyes too! x

dandoon: lol ur gonna get it figured out and work on it :P although its nice to let go every once in a while x

eshda3wa: unwind babe! u mean u dont even crush over a celebrity or something?

ansam: u would be surprised how many girls (and guys) notice nails gabl aiy shaiy thany! so it isn't weird lol xx

bigpearls: i still haven't! is that bad?! lol

Mi said...

lol Cute thing is that El Ensaaaaan is never too old to have a crush xD

love the pendant xD

Fastidious Babe said...

ilensaaaaaaaan is crushing all over the place! i love it too its gonna take 3 effing months to get here though!!!!! x