Thursday, July 10, 2008

There will be NO fun under this SUN!

To say that you can boil an egg on the highway is the understatement of the year! The heat is unbearable, and all it takes is a few steps from the car to whatever shop/mall ur heading to, to drain all ur shop-power (from willpower) the point is.. I started off the day thinking: "So i have the morning off, what better opportunity to shop before the weekend starts and the shops flood with tourists and everyone else" Right? WRONG!

First things first, the heat, the humidity and the fact that everything is on sale are all shopping turn offs. Secondly, i have decided to shop for .. not shoes, not clothes (or cardigans lol), but for BOOKS! yes.. i will spend my summertime IN, sipping my home-made virgin (mais bien sur) mojitos/margaritas , nibbling on home baked cupcakes and reading..

Here are some things i picked up from the book store today:

I call this Research, but those mini urban guides make great coffee table books, and conversations starters too!

A Book For Me (recommended by the fabulous Mi ) and a book for the hubby!

Might start baking too!

check out this super funky note book by Khalid Mesaina, tres original! I'm gonna jot down those random ideas/to dos here this summer!

- to staying in! xx


PinkChampagne said...

Missssed you :)
Im reading a new earth...its good...I understand about the zaps away all my energy and I could definitely relate to your other post about inspirational writing...I hibernated a bit due to the above two reasons...ugh this heat makes you melt...and not in a good way :D
Ive loved catching up on your blog...nope to the paul and Joe dress it is about the length and the colour...I saw it in red it looked gooood...kudos to the audrey post...I adore her to itsy bitsy bits lol and bubblycheers to you Fabulous Babe! :) xx

Delicately Realistic said...

Im planning to go book shopping myself ;)
Dont know what to get ;>

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

on a brighter notion, the weather dude here in kuwait said that the temp should exceed 50 degrees starting next week...

the brighter notion?? BE GRATEFUL UR IN DUBAI! lol

CoutureCarrie said...

Aren't new books fantastic? That cupcake one really looks delish!!

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: heeeey baabe! hope u had a wonderful bdaY and prataaaiyed all night long lol xx and yes, the heat does make u melt in the worst possible way! as for the dress they had it in purple too.. it looked better than hot pink.. love ur comments to bits, u have been missed xx

delicately realistic: just go there and spend some quality time reading blurbs and choosing lol or if that takes too long.. just pick whatevers on the bestsellers list XD thats what i do when im too lazy to decide! xx

dandoon: omg? 50? i think we hit 50? cuz whatever it is its not just coming from above.. the heat seems to reflect back and hit u in the face like a BLOW that slowly sucks the life out of u .. lol okay i might be exaggerating a lil but trust me.. It is NOT a joke when i say ITS SO FRIGGING HOT! *sigh*

couturecarrie: i cant wait to get started! x

Anonymous said...

U r from UAE? wella living there?

el cupcakes book eyshawweg :D

Anonymous said...

abi ba7ar oo shalaih ib hal jaaaaaaw!! :'(

eshda3wa said...

the heat is unbearable!
deciding to stay in is the smart thing to do!

Ansam said...

where did you go book shopping?

Anonymous said...

I really disliked "A New Earth." It was too deep for my taste... I hope you enjoy it :)

Have a good summer!

mi said...

Lol the ever reppeated Q is: laish chee 7ar bladkom??
Omg omg omg thunder storm t5awwwwef out there!!

Fastidious Babe said...

soul: yes i am from uae.. but i have to complain about the heat each and every single year.. plus.. i think its getting hotter kl sena!

enchanteurs: its too hot for even that! *sigh*

eshda3wa: yeah.. its staying until the sun sets for now!

ansam: the bookstore? i went to BooksPlus here in dubai..

likeairillrise: will do! and im gonna tell u guys what i thought about it once i get to it! x

mi: lol yeah well.. SHNSAWEEE :P cover up inty xxx

Anonymous said...

well! tawnni adri ennech men UAE! I didn't read ur profile!

mar7eba el saaa3 :p

el7emdellah 3edna AC wella chan estowaina kabab hehe ;p

Bijou said...

i love love love ur blog <3

ur stayin in this summer? i'm in england now, the shopping sucks, the weather is great but am homesick already and its just been 2 weeks :(

summer is my reading time, its the only time i find time to read, ur into cute romantic novels? do u read arabic books?

i rarely rarely do but i read one that i loved, its called 3ayanki ya 7amda it was beautiful.

Lono said...

well true this summer its kinda of different from the others. its HOT and HUMID bs al7emdellah.
just went home to kuwait for a week and came back to dubai, its really hot in both dubai, fastidious there is dry hot, but here u can benefit from the humid the AC get cold, and as my mother say its good for the face ( skin ) donno if she is right or wrong make no diff. am a guy am sure girls this interest u :P

Fastidious Babe said...

soul: 7ayyalla soul lol yeah.. ACs are heavenly.. but eventually ur gonna have to walk somewhere and the heat would just hit u in the face!

bijou: hmm the last time i read an arabic book was as i recall.. in highschool! im sure there are amazing books out there that im missing out on.. the truth is.. i hardly ever have time to read.. that is why this summer is going to be different! *inshalla*

lono: i do not know how it can be good for the face.. ymkn il r6ooba is good? i dont know bes i HATE the heat on my face.. infact i smother my face with aloe vera cooling gels n what not as soon as i get home lol *girly stuff, although u might need something to cool off ur face from time to time!*

Baroque said...

pray do tell what's so special about it?
i keep hearing about it on and on.. xx

Fastidious Babe said...

baroque: the magazine is alotta fun, u can have a look here Brown Book , but the ones i had were "urban guides" from cities that have been reviewed by them.. hotspots included..