Monday, July 7, 2008

My Summer Fling!

Ever since prefall came out I have been shopping for cardigans like they would sell out or something, my pursuit for them has taken an obsessive grip over every shopping spree!

Having skimmed the shops, I recommend Anna sui.. She puts a spin on cardigans and they end up looking less of "what my mom would wear" and more casual chic.

Also, cardigans get longer next season.. Think knee length, slim, belted (or swung open), and light weight a la Stell Mccartney and Elizabeth and James!

Perfect for summer vacay if u need to cover up!

I think now (post 4 black cardigans, one yellow, 2 white, one hot pink and one grey) I can say that I am ALL shopped out, although I am eyeing the 2 coloured Marc by mj.. But it won't hit stores anytime soon, so I'm good!

Cardigans anyone? xx

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in my choos said...

ahh, you can never have too many cardi's! have them in rainbow colors and an array of lengths, the perfect cover up! xx

i always look forward to your posts! <3



Big Pearls said...

ooh someone has been doing a lot of shopping;)

A Journal Entry said...

yes i need one plz!

i've been searching for the perfect light grey cardigan since last winter! i want it to be long oo not chunky (not wool)

Ansam said...

interesting cardigan (the last pic, marc by marc jacobs)! I love his designs

Fastidious Babe said...

in my choos: tell me about it! i just got a goorgeous one in shades of grey.. i love love love it! ur posts are amazing too xx

big pearls: lol whats a girl to do?

a journal entry: stella mccartny is the way to go babes, lightweight and oversized..

ansam: yeah he does come up with deliciously stylish designs!

CoutureCarrie said...

I am loving the long belted cardi over a dress . . . like DVF showed on the runway. I have to stock up like you did!!

Ruby Woo said...

My favorite heather gray cardigan got shrunk by my laundry. I'm so sad.

nyxxie said...

my wardrobe is filled with cardigans I love love love them.. My favorite ones are my stella mcartney's <3

Fastidious Babe said...

couturecarrie: its addictive i tell u! x

ruby woo: ouch! i guess now u have an excuse to shop for more (always think positive :P ) xx

nyxxie: i never thought i would be a cardigan loving person! mais here i am stocking up on em like candy!

Peony said...

i love A LOT!

i wish we had amazing shops in kuwait..

Fastidious Babe said...

peony: but u do!

styleexpress said...

I love cardi's!! they are amaziing!! everytime i go to buy one she says "basich cardi baaas!!!" i cant get enough!!

styleexpress said...

btw my mom is the one that says forgot to mention that:P

Fastidious Babe said...

styleexpress: lool omg they ARE addictive aren't they! x