Saturday, March 14, 2009

THE cutest maxi dresses ever

Manoush @ Amzan boutique.

Love it!

- to super cute aqua's n peaches x

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Maitha* said...

Theyre perfect! just what i was looking for!

Anonymous said...

Manoush <3 <3 !!

Butter said...

The coral looks cute, I like the designs. I don't like Amzaan though, low quality.

Ms. D said...

need shoppin!!!

all ive been doin akher fatra is stay home and grow roots in our living room!!


Fastidious Babe said...

Maitha: they are adorable!

Chinese Eyes <3 i love manoush xD

Butter: seriously? they carry hot brands like antik batik and manoush.. i love them!

Ms D: tsk tsk u have a duty towards the economy, go fulfill it XD

Ansam said...

Malboos el3afia :-) I will check Manoush store this week :-D

On another note... I enjoyed Dubai SO MUCH! The stores at JBR (such as called Boutqiue1 and Opera shoes) are awesome... LOVED it...

A couple of days and I ended up with five shoes, one bag, and some accessories/jeweleries... Not to mention the amazing restaurants and gifts I got for my family!

My master card/bank card must (MUST MUST MUST) take a break now! LOL

Fastidious Babe said...

Ansam: IM SOOO GLAD U HAD A BLAST AT DUBAI!! and B1 at jbr is my personal favorite.. just because its not as packed as everywhere else.. and they carry the cutest brands ever! xx