Thursday, March 19, 2009

On my nightstand:

"Backwards in High Heels"

A book on everything a woman needs to know:

"From feminism to face cream, motherhood to money, politics to pulchritude."

But that's just the blurb.

"A witty and penetrating examination of the fantasies women create that imprison them"

That's the part that made me grab the book (and the cute cover played a role, ofcourse ;p).

I believe that a lot of the problems we women have are created by us. Consciously or unconsciously.

It would be interesting to see the writer's perspective. Looks like a good read.

- to "the impossible art of being female" xx

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Aljoud said...

interesting!! the cover design is really eye catching.. YEAH i always judge a book from its cover :p I can't help it!
but it sounds nice too, from the blurb and all..
plus, I MISS YOU!!

Fastidious Babe said...

I MISS U TOO! just today i was thinking i havent seen ur comments in a while! xx And yes, judging a book by its cover is also known as the art of "blinking right" xD

Ms. D said...

why do books want women to act/be alike? wont that make it easire for men to figure us out? i know its not likly theyll read y3ny.. bs am just sayin HEEEEEEEEEEY khal ekhaloon shwaya mystique ;p

Silver said...


can't live with them

can't live without them


Fastidious Babe said...

Ms D: they will never figure us out, cuz WE cant even figure ourselves out.. the mystery will remain unsolved for years to come :P

Silver: probably better off without em :P lol tsktsk i cant blv i just said that :P