Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Trompe L’Oeil Birkin

The modified Birkin, or as Gaultier described it "a simpler Birkin" was introduced on the fall runway.

Sans flap.

Sans hardware.

Practical? maybe so.

Plain? very much so.

On another note, I loved the shoes, and everything aviation related <3<3<3

- to beating the recession bug! x

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Petite Feerie said...

<3 the collection
I just saw it on style & then saw ur post!

& btw mashallah u have an eye for style & taste =)


Mi said...

I like it

mi said...

Or maybe its just the photo?

Delly said...

uff... now its gonna be the new trend bilkuwait!
btw chena i liked it?

Fastidious Babe said...

PF: mn zaw2ik babe xD

Mi: ma3arf, check them out on x

Delly: Hmmm its like the birkin bs bdoon il hardware! the idea that the design is changed makes it less of an iconic bag.. but that's just me x

Even Sweeter said...

I am so in love!! Hermes just feel me!! ;D this is sooo me!! bs am so not ready to wait!! I HATE WAITING LISTS

Ms. D said...

theres this other hermes that i dunno wut its called.. it has a longer strap attachmwnt.. not the one with the embossed H in circle.. not its like the birkin but diff tho madre shlon ;X

like the bag ur showing..perfect in this color

and the shoes ;p

waitin for my choos ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

Even Sweeter: i guess there are ways to get around them xD

Ms D: yes its called the shoulder birkin.. it was another JPG modification of the original birking.. mmm it was introduced 3 years ago i guess!

Aljoud said...

Madri I feel like its too bleh for me.. Something is just missing!
love the shoes tho!

coco said...

I like it, it's a nice colour too.

A Journal Entry said...

the shoes.... AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

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