Monday, March 30, 2009

Lace Up!



Alessandro Dell´Acqua


Marc Jacobs

pics from farfetch, colette and brownsfashion <3


Bloggerista said...

i like the louboutins

Dreamy said...

didnt like any :x

Anonymous said...

Bloggerista: they were my fave out of the bunch.. and givenchy.. but i didnt post a pic of those x

Dreamy: yeah it can be hard to swallow!


Bent Aldar said...

I am secret fan of your blogg,, I love your taste in fashion

dots... said...

Sexy Hot !

was reading the Vogue the other day and most of the ads had those laced up shoes ! ... nice nice

Delly said...

isnt it bitchy shway?

- F said...

aww you didn't put "to .. " at the end :( lool x

Fastidious Babe said...

Bent Aldar: thank you x

dots: glad u liked em x

Delly: lol ymkn shwaya on the kinky side..

F: i was in a crappy mood ilyoam :P

- to sky high heels lol x

Mi said...

didn't like any of them either

Anonymous said...

i love glads,i had 2 glads,one heels with fringe,and one flat ankle lenght,glads was last year summer trend,but in my country people still lovin it,and in the seventeen magazine this month(my country edition) they still showing glads,but this time glads has variety in colours and design,last year was more into black,silver,and brown,mostly are in faux snake leather style