Monday, March 9, 2009

Everyone's Doing The Balmain Soulder!

The Legendary Christophe Decarnin for Balmain

Maison Martin Margiela (went to the point)


Jean Paul Gaultier

Karl Lagerfeld


Nina Ricci

Remember when we first saw those on the spring runways? I personally thought, NO WAY! But on my trip to milan I saw the Balmain jacket everywhere, and the black dresses with poofed shoulders a la V beckham were also big. comme ca:

Victoria Beckham f/w 09

They actually worked!
That being said, I think designers are overdoing it on the fall runways though, with the exception of Balenciaga which took it down a notch.

What do you think, Balmain shoulders: yaiy or naiy?

- to fabulous fashion x

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Livingmylife said...

Yaiy to an extent. i still think the nina ricci is too much!


Mi said...

I looooove nina's, karl's & ungaro's !

Yaaaaiy All The Waay :D

FourMe said...

Naiy,naiy, and one more naaaaaaaaiy.. I'm have broad shoulders and wearing that trend would make me look hideous!

as for the style itself.. me no likey..

Miznah said...

I love it..

but why do you call this particular style "Balmain shoulders"?
was it invented by the house of Balmain?

M :)

3anooda said...

naiy naiy naiy please naiy

ba3d shway fresh prince pants ba3ad bayridoon in fashion waaiiii333

Delly said...

it really depends on the body type o hair do!
i would go for it with a slick ponytail, jeans and platforms... but not anytime sooner :p

Bloggerista said...

Yaiy, why not, change is good

Ansam said...

me no like shoulder pads :-S

Chinese Eyes said...

I like!!

Even Sweeter said...


Love love love it... i think ungaro did a great job!!

and those MJ flipflops are sooo cute!

Stand-Alone~ said...

aaaahhh NO!! and a BIG NO for the Balmain Shoulders

Fastidious Babe said...

I see some of u feel strongly about it! it used to be a big nono for me too.. until i saw it on real ppl.. it worked! hmm not sure if it will on me though..

Miznah: I call it the balmain shoulder because of last season's (spring summer 09) runway x