Saturday, March 21, 2009

More python love

I think everything about the shot looks fabulous.

Still on the lookout for THE perfect python/snakeskin tote.

(pic from, orig the sartorialist)

- to classy seasoned finds x


PinkChampagne said...

Youre right..Python is all the rage this season...I saw quite a few totes that were superhot in London this winter...Jimmy Choo had a seriously sexy one but it overshadowed my petite frame..the Prada ones ended up being leather embossed :(...oversized clutches are a best bet Ill post some for you later Im running out xxx
Oh! the Chanel python cerf tote! Just look for a pretty colour, its diviiiiine!

coco said...

This is a great look. I'd love to copy it in a way.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: i know! i saw alot in milan too.. i just saw the jimmy choo today.. it has brown.. zagliani had an OK one.. but i'm specific with the colour.. not too much grey not too much brown.. i dont know.. i guess if i see it i'll know lol xx

coco: me too.. i think shes pulling it off fabulously! x