Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting personal

As I strolled the corridors of my old clinic today, faces came and went.. Some, I knew names of.. But barely. Others, I hardly recognized.

And then it hit me, after working 4 months at that clinic, I have made no connection whatsoever with the staff there. I did not feel the need to "socialize" with them, ever.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that to me, work is something u do, then get over with. I haven't incorporated it into my life. Or maybe I decided it was better this way, I'm not quite sure.

I'm not saying its a good thing.

Back when I was working at hospitals it was different, maybe its the teams we were put into or the interactions enforced on us.. Or the culture, or maybe I was a more outgoing person back then.. Again, I'm not really sure.

But as I saw those faces pass by, I realised that in my workplace I am a loner.

I'm not saying its a bad thing either.

How do you interact with you colleagues?

- to the weekend! xx

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Baroque said...

I'm kind of a loner in my internship, but a department loner per say, i socialize with people not with me in the same department.. weird, i know.

Miss-Informed said...

Maybe it's not a bad thing you know?

I'm the type of person that if you put me with another person, I sit and talk with them as if I've known them for years, tell them my life history. I'm not sure why I do it. I open up really fast and somehow my mind can't see or judge whether the person is good or bad. I often tell myself "they're good people, they're not horrible".

Unless their ugliness is clear as the sun, I usually trust blindly. Then after I get transferred to another place I regret everything I said because sometimes I learn they're not as good as I thought they were. Same goes for friends.

I'm trying really really hard to change that and I admire people like you who are able to keep their distances!

Trust me it's better but maybe you can also try to be friendly with a few but not necessarily to an extreme point. What do you think?

Fastidious Babe said...

Baroque: i know what u mean! anything outside the work circle works fine!

Miss Informed: I'm decent, lets leave it at that. I speak when spoken to, and am very friendly in a sense of.. i would carry on a superb conversation with anyone if approached. At work. But i don't share much with them. Yes, i think it has its advantaged, but a friendly work environment goes a long way! x

Delly said...

its not a bad thing at all!! i wish i could do the same. the good thing though is that i tend to pick ppl wisely, i dont really open up to ppl at work easily except those i talk to on daily basis.. for example in my department i have only 2 kuwaiti ppl working with me and the others are foreigners that why im forced to talk to them and open up somehow.. but ppl from other departments are just collegues ( hi-bye) and i like it this way, coz a working place is not a place to socialize and talk about personal stuff.

Fastidious Babe said...

I agree, but that's not the case in workplaces here.. everyone tends to get overtly personal.. and they expect you to be part of it!

Layla said...

I have been working on this zone for the past 4 months, So couple of weeks ago they transferred me into a bigger office right next to the zone's entrance. Anyway, all the visitors assume I might know all the ppl working so they just ask me hey where is flan's office and where does flannah sit!

At that point, it hit me that I have not been socializing with anyyyone in the company except for my team whom of course gotta speak with 24/7

Since we spend 8-9 hours in the same place, it shouldn't be considered as something you we only do! it's something you live into, you interact, learn from others and be open to so many different things u lack when you sit with your parents and GF's.

I dunno lool I keep telling myself that theory to help me break the ice with my other colleagues.

Stand-Alone~ said...

i hate the fact that i am so social at work.. but in a way, it does help to get around of things and get the work done ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

Layla: i guess it depends on the type of ppl .. just because we share the same workplace we can hit it and get along.. but it does pay off to have an amicable work environment x

Stand Alone: glad its working out for u xx