Thursday, March 19, 2009

Join The Mawi Madness!

Emily Blunt in Harpers Bazaar

From the first time I set eyes on this gorgeous bracelet I knew it was the one item I absolutely MUST splurge on. Mawi's (pronounced MOY's), spring/summer 2009 costume collection is futuristic and classy at the same time, the bracelet featured here has been nicknamed a part of the "Rolex collection" by the fashion press and would surely turn heads, and make hearts beat! Mawi is found at Harvey Nichols, Boutique1 and Tiger Lilly, Dubai.

- to bold statements and chunky delights x


A Journal Entry said...

this will make it on my list too!

Luxurina said...

Loves it! Great pick

Delly said...

i have the same bracelet in mind!! dont we have to go shopping together? :p

Fastidious Babe said...

A journal entry: its fabulous, i love mine <3

Luxurina: glad u did! x

Delly: we prolly do lol x