Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Before the weather gets Bad again

Check out Tanjia, the newly opened Moroccan restaurant at the Dubai Festival City. I tried the Pastilla and it was the best I had in Dubai to date, the ambiance was very welcoming and friendly too.

- to soirees tranquilles xx


Hasan.B said...

Cant wait to come to dubai! Less than a month hopefully!

Butter said...

Definately going there soon. I'm very obsessed with Morroccan food btw, and bos6eela or pastilla is actually my favorite dish. Try Gaza Port though, they make killllerrrrrrr fooood!!!
I like El Maz Momo in emirates mall too, but heir Koukous is raw and weird, it's not good quality.
Thanx Fastidious Babe!

sadia said...

i think i will enjoy the interiors more than the food!

PinkChampagne said...

That looks diviiiiiiiiiine...love the ambience!

Delly said...

luved the tea glasses ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

Hasan B: ur gonna have a blast, im sure :)

Butter: where's Gaza Port? i love everything moroccan, food, clothes, furniture.. the works x

sadia: yeah the place is pretty cool x

PC: those are just lil parts of it, the place looks even better. Not almaz by momo'z better but still xx

Delly: yeah, and the tea <3

Aljoud said...

ahhh how I love moroccan tea! *flying hearts*


Fastidious Babe said...

Aljoud: <3 happy bday sweets x