Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yet another spy movie that was in theaters for some time now, we decided to check it out cuz nothing else looked better.

I give it a 7.

Why I liked it: the Julia Roberts factor, the chemistry between both spies and the fact that u really had to focus in order to get it lol.

Why its not an 8: there's a lot going on, scenes from the past jump into the present in a confusing manner. One of the girls kept asking "so now what's going on?" Its not something u want during a movie.

Liked the ending though.

Favorite quote:

"At least we have each other" him

"It really is this bad, isn't it?" her

lol xD

- to fun nights out xx

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Bahrain Fashion said...

I love Julia Roberts, but never got the chance to watch this movie. My friend told me it was horrible :) Did you watch "He's just not that into you"?- its good! :) Marley and Me is ok too.
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Ebhrahim Kabir said...

I enjoyed this movie a lot. Hope others did too.

Floid said...

Yeah, I was thinking of watching that and also, "I Love You, Man" I heard that was pretty good too.

FourMe said...

i so wanna watch it!

p.s. congrats on passing :*

Bloggerista said...

a friend of mine saw it and didn't like it, u think it's for smarter people?

coco said...

This film completely passed me by. I don't think they promoted it very well. I might check it out on DVD becuase I like Julia.

PinkChampagne said...

Ive been planning to go see it..miss Julia's onscreen presence..cheers for the update xx

Fastidious Babe said...

BF: i saw he's just not that into u, it was a fun watch. predictable though.

Ebrahim: there are ppl out there who didnt like the movie.. one of my friends felt clueless throughout..

Floid: oh that's not out yet over here!

FourMe: thank you sweets xx

Bloggerista: lol smartness doesnt have anything to do with it, its about focussing.. u can miss one scene and then ur lost xD

coco: its just another spy flick after all.. x

PC: i dont think it will be showing for much longer though xx