Saturday, April 4, 2009

Belle De Jour

A captivating movie reflecting the conflicts a modern woman goes through. From having a timid "bourgeois" married life to erotic fantasies and being a "belle de jour".

*spoiler alert*

What makes this movie a classic is the way it switches between dreams and reality, right until the end where you are left to choose weather the whole thing was a fragment of a pent up woman's imagination who chose to dwell in her erotic fantasies or the reality of an adulteress trying to satisfy needs that arose after being molested when she was a child.

To me, the ending was optimistic in a sense that her fantasies and reality merged. And when her husband asked her once more:

"A quoi penses-tu Severine?"

She truthfully answered:

"Je pense a toi Pierre"

She let him in, with a promise of a happy ending.But that's just the way it spoke to me.

Catherine Deneuve looked as stunning and stylish as a YSL muse should be.

A fabulous movie.

- to iconic flicks xx

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PinkChampagne said...

Yay! I was wondering the other day when you'd get around to watching that...Its an incredible film..whats next on the list? :)


KissMyShades said...

One of my favorite films of Deneuve alongside with Depardieu is Le Dernier Metro. She's such a graceful actress, she was actually in Abu Dhabi just a few months ago for her latest film on Lebanon "Je veux voir", such a beauty.

sadia said...

i was hoping for a tom and jerry review!!! =/

Butter said...

i wanna ccccc

coco said...

This is on my (very long) list of films I must see. This is actually near the top.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: Gigi! it topped ur list for a reason xD can't wait to find out how good it is xx

KissMyShades: sounds interesting, "je veux voir".. she is the epitome of french elegance indeed xx

sadia :P

Butter: u should x

coco: i had it on my list for years! just got round to it xx

Luxurina said...

One of my fav movies of all time!