Thursday, April 2, 2009

A "happy" ending ;p

I would like to thank you all for the comments, tweets and emails wishing me good luck on today's exam. It meant so much, so thanx a lot. U guys r the best xoxo


The day started with my alarm going off at 4 am, I wanted to get four hours of revision time before the exam. So I got up, had a cupcake and a shot of bliss.. And studied some more. Little did I know that I should have probably slept some more.

The exam was horrible, to say the least. I've been talking about how bad it was all day it tires me just to type it here!

I felt really crappy about it at first but once I got to talk to everyone and hear that it was bad for them too, it kinda got better. Viva le curve. *fingers crossed*

I still sulked all day though.

I sulked when I met up with B over coffee, then with hubs for tea, and finally with elaina who salvaged my unkempt hair (I don't know what I'd do without her lol). But it was mainly because I felt I wasted all that time studying when I could have just walked in the exam unprepared and answered the exact same answers.

It's irritating.

Only when I dropped by Mcd's (cuz I was starving) did my day turn up! Opening the happy meal box and finding this cute hello kitty watch/bracelet/thing totally made my day.

Haven't had a feel-good surprise in a while.

So with that note, I end this very tiring day. In hopes that tomorrow is a better one :)

- to surprises xx
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Butter said...

sweeetyyyy im sorry i didn't wish u luck earlierr, :(
Goodluck (late one) but i hope u take it.
And i'm sure you did very well in the exam, inshalla you get the grade you were hoping for and i advise u to stop by hardees next time, i find their burgers more... mmmmmmm... tastyyyyyyyy <3
I do love mcdonalds chicken ceasar salad though! with extra sauce.
Inshalla u aced it!!!

Bloggerista said...

sweet dreams hun :***

Luxurina said...

Desolee ma cherie! but if other people did bad then it is not you fault. I know you're frustrated because you put so much effort into it. It's just an exam, will it matter 2 years from now?..probably not! There's nothing better than hello kitty anything to put a smile on any girl's face!
Maybe helo kitty can help me get over my breakup!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get a reeeally good grade (and I'm sure you will ;))

The watch/bracelet is adorable :D <3

Delly said...

hey gorgeous :* just forget about the exam o start ur weekend, go have coffee, get u nails done, dinner lunch, hang out with friends o FORGET IT!.. inshalla u did well 7ayati ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i hate it when that happens!
thats why i stopped studying 3shan i never feel that feeling anymore ;Pp

its a cool philosophy (thats working btw ;Pp)

atleast you got a hello kitty though! =)

anyway...i wish you a 25 grades curve =D

similar to the one that took me from an C to a B- in my last exam hehe ;**

Mme.Monstre said...

w ana ba3ad ,, im sorry i dint wish u luck ..
happened once with me ( in a less serious degree ) .. we ( friend and i ) walked into the exam knowing nothing .. we tried studying and it was hopeless .. it ended up me explaining business theories to her in a scottish dialect (and german too) over the phone .. lol .. we felt that we would most probably fail it .. fa the next thing we did is head straight to the ski ( which was our obsession back then ) .. to forget about the agony :p .. i dont remember her mark and i got an A !! shocking .. non ?! could happen .. u never know

even in the exam i was reading " wa ja3alna mn bayn aydhym sadan wa mn 5alfhm sadan ... " so they dont see any mistakes :p

hope for the best :*

Stand-Alone~ said...

inshallah the marks will suprise you in a good way =)

AWW how cute!! Mac D managed to make you feel better =D

Anonymous said...

Butter: i only get the happy meal nuggets lol im anti fast food burgers.. and have seen way too much food poisonings from hardeez n kfc to go for it lol xx

Bloggerista: i did have the best sleep in a long long time x

Luxurina: c'est vrai.. in two years it probably wont matter, except it was a big milestone in my working life.. it still is.. given i pass the test lol anyways.. hello kitty rocks.. and every breakup kit must include something hello kitty.. preferably edible lol xoxo

Hind: inshalla!

Delly: i started off by getting my hair done.. have a packed weekend ahead inshalla! xoxo

DanDooon: lol i wish for that exact same curve too xx

MmeMonstre: OMG LOOL ur comment cracked me up! i should have remembered to read that!! but in my case the exam is auto-corrected or something? LOL yalla inshalla khair xx

Stand Alone: inshalla, yeah it totally did xx

- this is FB and i approve this message :P