Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I've REALLY been up to:

For the last month I have ditched everyone and everything for this:

- books (those are just a fraction of what I had to go through btw)
- cupcakes
- and coffee.

From friends and family gatherings, to art dubai and various events, not to mention the gym and french classes. I ditched it all.

Literally, studying became my life. What spare time I had between books I spent on twitter or blogging just to take my mind off things and Breath.

We're too old for this s* emm stuff (as Ted puts it xD)

Anyways, my exam's tomorrow, so wish me luck!

I really need to ace it.

- to a weekend of pure indulgence and nothing else xx

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Ansam said...

Good luck... all the best to you :-)

Bloggerista said...

good luck sweets :**

wht u studying for?

Delly said...

bonne chance :*

PinkChampagne said...

F.B You'll kick ass inshalla! All the best for tomorrow xxx

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i wish you the bestest of all best lucks ;**

6amneena 3laich 3ad and tell us how it goes =)

Anonymous said...

all the best .. love your blog .. and i love how i met your mother :p

Indestructible said...

Wow, I am truly inspired. Good luck inshallah.

Aljoud said...

Good luck darling! Kick ass ;)

nyxxie said...

best of luck darl =)

Tweenkie Belle said...

all the best sweetheart! <3 inshallah u'll ace it!

KTDP said...

first trail?

mrcgp is high school arabic. so much random stuff to cover it's like your playing darts blindfolded

Bent Aldar said...

allah yafgch wo ysahelch kel amoorch wo inshalah it will be easy that you will enjoy the exame :)

Butter said...

Allaaah i wanna take french classes too

eshda3wa said...


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sadia said...

good luck sweets!
no wonder u didn't twitter much today!

Stand-Alone~ said...

i am late in my wishing but i hope you managed to ace it...

Aljoud said...

how did it go?!!! :D

Fastidious Babe said...

Ansam: thanx xx

Bloggerista: post grad x

Delly: merci xx

PC: PCCC!!!!!!! thanx, i feel like i need to vent XD

Dandoon: thank you :)

Anon: LOL SOMEONE GOT IT! whoever u are ur fabulous ;) xx

Indestructible: thank you :)

Aljoud: thanx babe! already updated :P xx

nyxxie: thank you sweets x

TB: inshallaaaaa!!!! just pass it will do lol x

KTDP: it was terrible.

Bent Aldare: i did not enjoy it one bit lol thank you xx

Butter :)

eshda3wa: thank u very much!

sadia: i know! it was weird not tweeting lol

Stand Alone: *sigh* inshalla khair!