Monday, April 20, 2009

Wish List : summer-ized

Bobby Brown's Beach Sandbar

This Juicy T

A Pair of White Jeans (Balmain here)

YSL coral gloss

Lanvin Heels

What are your musthave's this month?

- to lists, the fabulous kindxx


- F said...

aah the lanvin heels <3

must-haves for this month well nothing since I don't really have a life this month (finals,midterms@uni .. etc) looool but for summer defiantly colorful diane von ferguson swimwear and lovely flowy sundresses <3

Ansam said...

I know this may sound too un girly but I need to buy me a camera since I broke mine in Egypt :'-(

Ohhhh BB Sandbar... are they back? I thought they stopped making'em?!

I want it too and so many things but buying a camera is my #1 priority

Joelyne said...



Delly said...

umm,, dont get me started with my list!
my priority is a ballon bleu cartier watch and comes shoes shoes and lots of shoes ;p
and some new dresses, guess i need to renew my wordrobe ;)
btw, i heard that lanvin shoes hurts alot..

Maitha* said...

No whishlists at all for me... because im broke =s I only have 160dhs, thats a first :p im such a saver but lost the plot this month! and next month ill hold myself till the summer :p Why buy stuff with my own money when ill get my summer budget off my parents in june :D

Loved the lanvins btw <3

Bahrain Fashion said...

I'm loving the Lanvin heels.
My wish list includes the May 2009 issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar (U.S. and Dubai editions) and Marie Claire. Such a recessionista! Did you all see Running In Heels?- about 3 interns working in Marie Claire. LOVE IT!!!!!

Fastidious Babe said...

F: cuteness!! x

Ansam: lol la aham shay il camera, how else would u remember all ur fabulous outfits? XD about the bar, its on my list but im not sure if i will find it.. its back in NM!

Joelyne: me too x

Delly: walla? i'm gonna check them out and let u know! x

Maitha: a7la shaiy il summer shopping xD

BF: i heard about it, saving it for summertime when all the shows are on re runs! :)

Luxurina said...

White jeans are definitely a must for summer, I just bought a apair of jbrands.

Fastidious Babe said...

Luxurina: the ones with the zipper? me too! XD