Friday, April 24, 2009

A girls night out with the fabulous mi ;)

i LOVE this shot XD

The fountains, from above <3

2nd 27th bday bash to date lol @ joe's

I haven't seen Mi since.. before milan? AGES ago.. and since she too won't be able to be in town on my actual bday.. we had a pre-bday ACTUAL bday celebration.. The burj dubai kind XD lol

We had a great time.. u girls should definitely come to Dubai more often! love ya! xx

Indulge in my professional photos peeps lol and have a great weekend! xD

- to fabulous nights out ;) xx


Anonymous said...

The fountains the view .. Ah-mazing (L)

sadia said...


glad you had fun! <3

Delly said...

happy belated bday hun ;*

Fastidious Babe said...

Chinese Eyes: ah its a sight i tell u x

sadia: yeah it was great! x

Delly: lol my bday is still a couple days away xD but i'm excepting felicitations n whatnot lol x

Fastidious Babe said...

accepting** tsk tsk

Bahrain Fashion said...

Oh! how beautiful!! I'm coming to Dubai before going to Los Angeles in the summer, And I'm planning to come back again in Eid-al-fitr. I want to ride the metro, see the fountains and basically everything else hehe XD so excited. LA and Dubai , here I come (in 2 months!)

Happy Birthday!!

PaLoMiNo said...


Ansam said...

3alaikom bel3afia :-D

Ruby Woo said...

happy birthday moqadaman :)

Fury said...

Happy birthday,babes:-).

Mi said...

happy BiRrrTHdaaaaaaaaay! xxX Btw the fountains, music, ppl, food, and salty cakeS are part of the celebration surprises :nods:

eshda3wa said...

glad u had such a good time!

Fastidious Babe said...

BF: dubai and LA! so much fun! x

PaLoMino: thank you sweets xoxo

Ansam: alla y3afeech! x

Ruby woo: thank you thank you xD lol

Fury: thanx sweets x

Mi: lol aham shaiy il ppl :P JK XD

eshda3wa: it was fabulous xx