Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calling all recessionistas..

Military jacket spotted at warehouse.

@ debenhams, the dubai mall.

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f7ee7eely said...

قد أسمعتي لوناديتي ريسونشيتا ولكن لا حياة للفيزا

Bahrain Fashion said...

They should add the word "Recessionista" to Webster's dictionary!

Ansam said...

I like recessionista hehehe it tells you.. DONT JUST GIVE UP! Its another excuse for shopping hahaha

Anonymous said...

hi i love ur blog and ur style i need help im searching for the must have bags and shoes for now can u add some pics plz thanks


Layla said...

loooool OMG walla ur words should totally be added to the dictionary, and what a perfect blazer. keep up the fashion hunt :D

Ms. D said...

too wintery dont ya think?

Bahrain Fashion said...

Did you know that Paris Hilton will be filming a DUBAI edition of her 'Paris Hiton's My New BFF' reality show?
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Fastidious Babe said...

f7ee7eely: lol xD

BF: yep, its all over the fashion webbies

Ansam: LOOL that's so true! XD

Anon: i post according to what i see/crave at the time lol so it can get pretty random xD

Layla: will do XD x

Ms. D: noo it was made of denim.. wont work for our climate though