Thursday, May 1, 2008

From AM to PM

The Bag du matin

The dress

The Lous *hearts*

The de-la-renta

The Sac Du Soir

The perfect outfit is one that starts with the perfect pair of shoes.

- to lous, and the joy they bring to me! xx


nyxxie said...

it's the first time i pass by your blog but it's so much fun <3

Big Pearls said...

wow..I love the yellow color of that dress..I am still looking for my yellow item..didn't get one:/

Fastidious Babe said...

nyxxie - glad u think so girl xx

big pearls - the dress is phillip lim, and yellow is an absolute must-have this summer (as is royal blue) .. i'm thinking yellow ballerinas? or an over sized clutch?

FourMe said...

lovely.. love the de la renta dress!

Baroque said...

love that oscar dress.. !

insider kuwaiti info: in our shops, well the only shop that stocks Oscar and Laboutins all of which run out tres quickly, in a week perhaps, they write down who buys what and is planning to wear it to what occasion or wedding, just so that you don't go to the same place and find someone wearing the same..

don't know who bought that.. scandalous (**bs mishtahya agool that word) xx

ps. not true of all stores only that one..

Mi said...

The colors *hearbeats*

They're like,

full of sunshine!

channech in some island..

Mm.. Maldives?

I wanna be there...

in those hot heels :f

Now now now now NOW!

Fastidious Babe said...

fourme: yeah me too x

baroque: lol well thats handy.. i was once caught in the same dress at a party.. and it was pretty not cool.. i wonder if this is going to catch up in dubai?

mi: yes they do have that kinda energy.. royal blue, yellow and red.. very vivid and alive.. i'm not an island person myself though x