Monday, May 5, 2008

Sometimes, its better to stay neutral.

Now if it really is the mature smart n wise thing to do, I'm not quite sure. But I do know its less of a headache.

Think switzerland.

- to erbaccia ;) xx

P.s. I love how my cat's laziness is rubbing off on me.


Neutral is so not my thing, I decided to go ahead and tell it as I see it.. So what if u shake the boat every once in a while eh?

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Mi said...

Neutral? as in Indifferent .. or care less?

I don't know.. but ebarccia? Oh yeah XD

Fastidious Babe said...

neutral as in see no evil hear no evil talk no evil? as in emm mind ur own business and don't speak out? or be antagonistic in any way?

GIRL IM SO UP! ftr :P and yeah.. viva erbaccia xX