Friday, May 9, 2008

To err is human..

To sleep is inevitable.

u can have the worst day ever, say all the wrong things, do things u were not supposed to do.. or generally Suck..

but at the end of the day.. no matter how long it takes.. u will sleep..

and tomorrow will be another day.

- to tomorrows.


Big Pearls said...

so true..

Baroque said...

sleep is my escapism technique..

i wake up blurry eyed and calm, and then 10 seconds later i start realizing it was not just a dream..

i'd kill to have that 10-second feeling on hand at all time, to use when i really need it... xx

Mi said...

It's all about stopping the thinking process.

PinkChampagne said...

Im going to have to toast you to sleepless nights...Im a perpetual do you drift into slumber?

ren_crow said...

ha ha ha not when you're a senior architecture student.

Jill said...

URL change:

Trendinista is now Trend de la Crème!

nyxxie said...

I love sleeping early (before 12) and waking up as the sun rises around 6.. <3

Fastidious Babe said...

big pearls :)

baroque: i love it when i drift to sleep.. and i absolutely hate having to get up so firgging early !

Mi: w obrien sho nsawee feeh? ;P

Pinkchampagne: all i know is that when it happens, it happens.. theres absolutely nothing i can do to make it happen. I used candles, books, relaxation techniques.. but my body has a mind of its own..

ren_crow: lol but u WILL sleep eventually.. akher il semester prolly? :P

nyxxie: i love crashing early too.. its just that .. i don't! xx