Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Zagliani Croc Satchel


Big Pearls said...

for how much?

Baroque said...

i am against croco bags..

python i can totally bag, crocodiles just make me sad..

yup animal-istic (**ya3nii animal racist) and proud xx

nyxxie said...

Id prefer the gorgeous new YSL crocodile or a beautiful classic chanel crocodile <3 or ofcourse a birkin.

in my choos said...

gorgeous, i loved every color they came out in <3


Fastidious Babe said...

big pearls around 11,500$ .. check SAKS out..

baroque: blv me when i tell u that this is my only weakness when it comes to leather.. im all for animal rights et al.. but i just cannot resist a crocodile bag.. or pumps! xx

nyxxie: i've been eying the YSL for some time now.. i haven't made up my mind yet.. but i do agree with u that when it comes to classics.. chanel and hermes are la creme de la creme of exotics xx

N: u shoulda seen me trying out each colour.. i just didnt know what to pick.. i spent hours there! *SO not me!*

nyxxie said...

I got a gorgeous YSL crocodile lately in the most gorgeous emerald greenish color. It was "the" buy of my last trip, but it's sooooooo heavy kassar ly thahry even heavier than the croco birkin

Fastidious Babe said...

oh mabrook girl.. il wazn wayed imp b9ara7a! thats the only reason i "might" lean towards python sometimes..