Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grocery shopping

I am currently being held hostage at the grocery store with my obsessive compulsive friend who is getting stuff for her annual clean up or something of the sorts.

There is nothing I hate more than supermarkets, i mean it takes alot to drag me here.. i NEVER GO GROCERY SHOPPING (unless its to get mags or gum or what not)

My feet are aching and my back is sore, and I'm whining like a *****

I am now ignoring her by stuffing my face into the berry and blogging, it beats answering to: "tide wla clorox, natural wla butter, towels wla sponges" etf*ingc!

To hot soothing foot baths and chilling at home! Soon!

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A Journal Entry said...

i hate the process of going to a supermarket.. but once i'm there i enjoy comparing prices and choosing veggies i think look fresh!

Big Pearls said...

I don't mind it in sultan center.

Delicately Realistic said...

I love supermarket shopping.

Im trying to do the Kellogs Special K diet....lol.....once a week maybe ;P

Oh and shawagteni 3el Blackberry tara!

nyxxie said...

i loooooove groceryshopping!! <3

Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: lol i like picking berries.. but thats about it :P

big pearls: sorry bs ma3arfa xx

delicately realistic: I'm gonna start today, wanna join? xD
and yes, il blackberry ywanness and is addictive bigtime!

nyxxie: i hate hate hate it! lol x

Anonymous said...

yaay shawagtini 3al grocery shopping *puke*