Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I have been up to

1. Pigging out (a la celebration)

2. Shopping ( and re-discovering the brga3 -featured here)

3. Trying out new things in life ( aka yellow nailpolish)

- to a wonderful weekend ahead! xx
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Mi said...

lol rediscovering the brg3 and trying new things in life?


did I tell you I discovered lately that color yellow is all over my closet?

nyxxie said...

lol @ the brga3

yellow is superhot this summer

enjoy the weekends

Big Pearls said...

sounds like an exciting weekend

Glamour said...

loved the t-shirt O_O

in my choos said...

i thought it was pale orange nailpolish at first, glt alayyy lol because im soo in love with baby orange on my nails ;p i might paint them today as a matter of fact 9ar kha6ri!


Fastidious Babe said...

mi lol yeah u did, and those shoes proved it :P

nyxxie: you too babes xx

big pearls: kinda going plateau today though...

glamour: for real? lol well i would say its very.. "controversial"

in my choos: its mustardyyyy a shade between mustard yellow and pale orange.. lol and yeah i loved wearing it but got bored quickly :P