Saturday, June 7, 2008

10 reasons you should get a cat:

1. they are cute n fluffy n snuggly, just like soft toys, but real.

2. you find them in the cutest places, doing the cutest things, posing the cutest poses ever!

3. They keep u home, at least more than u usually would stay at home ( less going out = less consumption.. refer to environmental post earlier)


5. They are independent ( they eat, sleep, clean themselves and are potty trained by nature!)

6. After a few weeks of having them around, you will feel that you are less jumpy and are more prepared to sudden outbursts/jerks.

7. They sleep, ALOT.. and can lull you into a slumber with them!

8. You get to see if you can keep a living creature alive and happy. Pilot maternal instincts and what not.

9. You get to shop for them: toys, clothes, collars (sometimes.. for fun).. etC lol

10. And Finally: Research has shown that people with cats are less likely to have cardiac problems (ie. die from heart attacks et al)

So there you go!

- to cute lil kittens and adorable cats! xx


Mipovia said...

1 n 2 Aba!
3 ana azdad?
4 like timon & pumba? EW
5 AWWW independent!
7 I need summa that
9 this contradicts point # 3 xD xD xD
6 n 10 it's the reason I'll never get one xD

A Journal Entry said...

1 reason not 2 get one?
they give me allergies =(

i love them.. used to have a lil' kitty until my mom took her away from me!
my eyes becomes swollen and red when their around =s

Fastidious Babe said...

Mi: loool shoofee 7abeeebty... the jeky jumpy thing is good for the heart.. it strengthens it, and yes they do eat bugs.. think of them as ur own private exterminators XD

a journal entry: AwwwWW!! *hugs* we have a family history of all sorts of allergies.. so i hear you.. its tough! u can always check cute pix online though! lol xxx

Anonymous said...

I still wont get one :P

Peony said...

10) did you get that from Allure magazine ?

I'd never get a cat. they freak me out. + i got allergies (achoo achoo ;p)

Fastidious Babe said...

amu: suit urself but ur missing out :P

peony: i got it from the International Stroke Conference 2008, so its pretty valid info XD

sorry about the allergies, i used to freak out from all animals, bes now (thanks to the CAT i got lol) i'm getting over it :P

Ansam said...

Im not a cat person!

Fa6ma said...

I'D LOVE A KITTEN!! And one reason not to get one =( I can't take care of it 'cuz A) I dunno really what it needs lol,, and B) Mom wouldn't take care of it while I'm out and I'm out A LOT!!

Fa6ma said...
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Delicately Realistic said...

Abi ;(
bs ilmshkila i cant deal with the smell. Ur gonna say they dont smell. I smell everything, its crazy!

Fastidious Babe said...

Ansam: when ur not, ur just not! xx

fa6ma: lol well when i started out i knew scratch! and im ALWAYS out.. they are very independent and take care of themselves just fine!

delicately realistic: I'm sure they do, but i still haven't smelled anything major.. we shower him every week, use the jonson baby wipes every day, and there's cat perfume! its like a body spritz.. to keep them smelling fresh and yummy! lol

Anonymous said...

I remember I got a cat once, at first it was alright, she was like a month old, small, and very afraid from almost everything. The next 4 months were hell, she became very energetic, her hair fell, :/ wayed daloooo3a, !!! :/ and most of all, very picky when it comes to food. I couldn't take it no more so I gave her away to a friend, she turned out to have a history with cats and ended up giving her away too.. ONE SAD STORY .. :P

Fastidious Babe said...

well they are very on the go awal shaiy! XD but u guys prolly didn't know how to tame her lol

and the daloo3a part is the cutest EVER!

maybe ur not a cat person after all :P