Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When I was 21

I thought love was about wanting something so bad and not letting go.
Now i know its about learning how to set it free.

I thought love is when you have so many things in common and you're totally in sync.
Now i know its about agreeing to disagree amicably.

I thought love just happens, that its a force on its own..
Now i know love is the result of so many factors coming together at the right time when you need them to.

I thought love was about never letting your loved ones down..
Now i know its more about having a forgiving heart.

I thought that love is meant to be forever..
Now i know that forever can be a day or a lifetime, that we hardly ever have a say in it.. but that we have to make every moment memorable none the less.

I thought that love is blind..
Now i know that love is seeing all the little imperfections, and not minding.

I thought love is all u need to make a relationship work.
Now i know that love can only get u so far..

- to playing it right x


Anonymous said...

i loved your post,
and its very very true!

very touching :)

Delicately Realistic said...


eshda3wa said...

i still need to learn to blv in love

fashionista said...

love your post <3

nyxxie said...

this is by far my most favorite post :p

you need a lot more than love for anything to last. respect for starters.

FourMe said...

Well said VERY well said...

Unfortunately love has become a secondary factor next to all factors that are in fact less important than love itself!

Rimyoleta said...

I love this post..
Love it, love it
Just love it

Ansam said...

thats just lovely!

Fastidious Babe said...

dandoon: glad u did babe x

delicately realistic: sad sigh?

eshda3wa: love is over-rated

fashionista: thanx babe

nyxxie: respect, trust, communication, dedication.. are a few things that come to mind..

fourme: it may or may not be more important.. it depends on how u look at it.. glad u liked the post babe x

rimyoleta: welcome to my world :P thank you!

ansam: i'm flattered x

Anonymous said...

When I was 21 I loved life not any more,hehe :D

your post is sooo touchy....

Ruby Woo said...

I'm touched!

A Journal Entry said...

"I thought that love is blind..
Now i know that love is seeing all the little imperfections, and not minding."

this is my fav..
loved this post =)

Baroque said...


spot on!!

could have not said it better myself, wish i will one day look back and recollect/revise my back then, and now ideas...

you kind of fascinate me! xx

Big Pearls said...

we learn a lot from life...

Lono said...

nice and true words .. is it urs if so ur gifted sis.
i wish mine knows

Mi said...

when we were 21

we were young.

Lono said...

we pass the 21 but still the heart feels young

Lono said...

we pass the 21 but still the heart feels young

taqo said...

that was pretty :)
to me, love is is sitting on the phone for hours, just hearing each others breathing with nothing much at all to say, and not getting bored in the least :p
oh, and i'm 21, lol.

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

In just 5 years... Your perspectives change on what matters the most.

I wonder what would be different when you're 30.

Fastidious Babe said...

amu: its still love none the less :P

ruby woo: i'm glad it came through x

a journal entry: thanx babe.. glad u did!

baroque: u kinda make my day xx and you would be surprised how your views change as u pick up new experiences and make your own unique definitions of things like love..

big pearls: that we do x

lono: yes it is, and thank you..

mi: i chose 21 not 18 because the decisions u made then were those of an adult.. still very young at heart though..

taqo: spoken like one too lol xx

dreamzy: life is all about change.. and learning from your experiences.. i hope that by the age of 30 i would not turn into a complete pessimist.

Peony said...

touching ;* and nice choice in music..
but it's also a bit sad..

Lono said...

~ Dreamzy ~ it will change yes but never die

Feminist™ said...

that's so TRUE !!

Love is crap :S
i dont even think that it exists ..

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

Lomo ~

Definately not.

Its just that I always notted that : In five years people dont change its just their books and friends ! which changes thier perspectives :)

Fastidious Babe said...

peony: it is sad.. but c'est la vie!

feminist: of course it does! its just that the way you see it changes with time..

Lono said...

feminist™ "u've lost that love an feeling and now is gone gone gone" famous songs

PinkChampagne said...

Its taken me a while to bring myself to comment on this those few moments its like time stood still and forever came back.
I love the passion in your truth and the raw honesty you portray.

This has to be your most poignant entry yet.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: i'm glad it touched u so xx

Baroque said...

fasty, did i ever mention that i think u rock?

min sejjy, u're like my fav.blogger xx

made ur day yet? mwah

Fastidious Babe said...

you always do! xxx