Monday, June 16, 2008

Food for thought

nothing like brunch to clear your mind

They say that the true measure of a person is how they deal with people who can do them absolutely no good.. It is when one deals with those he expects nothing from, that ones true colours show...

How does this apply to you, or those u have chosen to keep in your lives..?

- to pureness in a world long-polluted xx


Anonymous said...

yummy that brunch looks great hope u enjoyed it;p

about the people in your life... I always go with "treat people the way that you want to be treated"... even if they won't do you any good... I think if we all be the change we want to see in the world then this place would be much more beautiful;p... and pure;p

PinkChampagne said...

I love to treat people from all walks of life and different ages with courtesy...Im a real stickler for good manners and courtesy because I firmly believe its an extension of respect, rather than the label some people shockingly call...pretentiousness!
As for the people I have in my life...anyone who doesnt have common decency or courtesy towards others does not belong in my inner circle...the people we meet...the books we read...the things we take in everyday are all food for thought and we end up absorbing them subconsciously and as open minded as I am..I choose to surround myself with and respect..because I cannot afford to pollute my inner world lest it affect my presence with the outer world.

Mi said...

Waffles! Mmm .. *drools*

back in the day, a university doctor, *Isalmic Thought course* who happens to be one of the coolest lecturers I have ever enrolled with, since u know, once told us a thing that he have learned from his father:

"abooya kaan by2oolee," yes Egyptian, et he continues, "'don't act according to how a person treats you'"

simple and nice.

I like the principle: I stick to my values, and treat others not as a return for how I was treated, but for how I really am. Tu connais?


Read again.

UTP said...

women and their love for FOOD...and then crying over gained weight...confused souls!!

Fastidious Babe said...

purelyorchid: it was great.. i savored every bite lol xx and yes.. i blv that what goes around comes around.. and hence.. we should treat people like we would like to be treated.. love that u quoted ghandi lol xx

PC: i love how u grasped the essence of my post.. respect is the basis of every interaction... without it, i don't think anything is worth pursuing! xx

Mi: they were deelish.. im gonna take u there the next time we meet up (cross fingers!) xx et oui bien sur je connais! his point was.. do not react, but act as u like to see ur self act.. vraiment? xx

utp: ah.. and u have it all figured out now have u?

lol.. seriously.. Anti-Pollution peeps! xx

Anonymous said...

ive always treated people the way i would like to be treated, and i think thats the golden rule. ofcorse, that also includes letting go of their mistakes occasionally, because if i had screwed up, sometimes i just wish the whole thing had never happened too. not too many people deserve that though :(

o i learnt (well technically watched :P) from dr. john becker --> "No expectations, no disappointments", and it actually does work to a certain extent. when you expect nothing out of anyone, you really wont be dealing with them for any particular reason.

am i making sense on any level??

Ruby Woo said...

I agree 100% with PurelyOrchid.
I also believe in Karma, what goes around comes around. If I treat people fairly, i'll get treated fairly as well. If I treat them good and they still keep on treating me badly then Karma will just turn around and bite their asses. Cheers!

Ansam said...

I love brunch too hehehehe
Yeah Karma rocks baby!

Let me just say action speak louder than words! You can talk all you want as much as you want but people will remember what you did better than what you said!

I am more of a gesture person because I tend to be systematic. I think more with my "diplomatic" mind than with my heart... so I would rather do something to show my feeling rather than just saying it

Bahraini Diva said...

Great photo (mouthwatering) bel3afya :)

now, It's so scary that you are talking about this subject today!! it was on my mind all morning!

Here is what happened:
I am a General Manager to a gifts company in Bahrain, we sell in quantities & rarely deal with individuals (Companies, Banks ...etc only)

This morning around 10 am , I went out of a meeting & saw a customer sitting in the reception waiting for someone to help him. So, after seeing everyone busy with other stuff , I volunteered.

I asked him about his company name & he informed me that it was personal & he want to take a gift to a friend, so I welcomed him & After taking him through the showrooms he selected one item & asked me for the price (& so it begins)

Him: How much is that cost?

Me: XXX Dinars

Him: WOW! but i have a budget for XX Dinars!

Me: I am sorry that I can't go lower than that price! because we sell big quantities only, our prices are already low! we are not retailers like a shop or something.

Him: I know that you are not a shop!!

Me: I'm sorry I'm just explaining the prices & how we do them! I didn't mean anything!!


Me: I am Maha, The GM of this company


Me: He is in the 4th floor, do you want me to take you to his office?

HIM: NO! (went up to him!)

I actually was thinking about what happened as maybe I was wrong in the way I talk or something!!! I swear to GOD that I was professional! Talking business & giving infos! What do you think?
Shall I take courses in communication?
I must say that I am working in the same place for the past 8 years & never had such reaction!

Mi said...

vraiment belle

MR style said...

miam miam that's so yummy

Fastidious Babe said...

dandoon, ruby woo and ansam: it was great having an insight on ur perception to dealing with people.. and yes.. its all about karma xx

bahraini diva: it could be ALOT of different things really.. he could have been in a crappy mood to start with.. or maybe he mis-interpreted something u said.. or ur body language might have caused his outburst.. people react differently according to alot of factors.. he could also be just another rude fool though... take it easy and BREATH! xx