Sunday, June 15, 2008

Observations from a Construction Site!

Ever wondered where those trends we embrace come from? Its been known that designers often get inspiration from just taking a stroll down the street, and observing what people wear.

So there i was, taking a stroll (in our surprisingly cool weather) and i decided to share with u, my blog-mates, what i saw

Exhibit A: Neons

flashy trends of 08

flashy louboutins

workin it

Exhibit B: The Scarf AKA "the kaffiyeh" XD

a look mary kate has been seen in several times

a trend we all liked, till rachel ray totally killed it

et voila

- to inspiration! xx


chika said...

:) street chic they call it

chika said...

oh.. btw, I hate neons :/

Fastidious Babe said...

lol haiy 9dg street chic! i'm not a fan either.. but flashy coral is so my new thing ilsenna! u should try it on a tan! tres Out there! lol xx

in my choos said...

interesting observation ;p i love this post!! oo and im soo loving neon this season <3 <3 neon already made my closet, but are yet to be tried on my nails! any suggestions?



styleexpress said...

lool amazing post!!! i love the neon!

A Journal Entry said...

i have to addmit that when it comes to taking fashion risks i'm abit on the shy side.. but this chanel bag is to die for!!!

Ansam said...

like Chika said... street chic! some flashy colors are not bad tara! I recently bought a hot pink bag! LOVE IT

Mi said...

lol for reaaal? A7la shee el tan on them

oh btw, kaffiyyeh? i thought it was called ghetra :p

Big Pearls said...

very flashy!

Fastidious Babe said...

inmychoos: try essie? their summer collection is VERY flashy! xx

styleexpress: thanx babe! xx

A journal entry: i know! i saw the bigger one here but it wasnt as hot! xx

ansam: i got a royal blue bag.. i stick with flashy bangles n what not! but yeah.. why not right? xx

mi: yes super hot 3al tan.. esp swimwear! and i was referring to the whol kiffeyeh debate with rachel ray xx

big pearls: u likey?

FourMe said...

lol love the connection.. send in a copy to vogue.. hate neons :/

PinkChampagne said...

ooh F.B thats genius! :) Im trying slowlyyyy to pull off neon, at least on my nails with hot pink lmao..Ive always thought I couldnt pull those colours off and theyre so hot for summer...this entry reminds me of the sartorialist...I get street chic inspiration from him.

purelyorchid said...

Mashalla 3alaich... excellet observation;p... I like the look on other people bas on me I feel I'm not brave enough to go there;p

Fastidious Babe said...

fourme: '6annech? lol

PC: i love the webbie! wear em neons with a tan and ur gonna feel the sunshine from within xx

purelyorchid: lol baby steps babe baby steps xxx

Ruby Woo said...

Haha, so the designers are being inspired by construction workers?

PinkChampagne said...

what you said...I liiiiike!

Princess said...

i like the shma'3 business looks cute

Fastidious Babe said...

ruby woo: no, but the point was.. inspiration hits anytime anywhere.. for example on the streets.. matadreen ymkn mn construction workers too x

pc: to sunshine from within then xx

princess: yeah its been going on for some time now.. they started off last fall but its still here this summer.. i think rachel ray killed the look though xx

enchanteurs said...

i hate rachel ray ! shes too annoying ! :P and wow i never noticed bas neons is such an eye sore ;/ i like them for nailpolish bas

Fastidious Babe said...

enchanteurs: its called eye candy this summer.. embrace it while it lasts :P and if its too hard.. divert your gaze shwaya for a month or so lol xx