Thursday, June 12, 2008

Click - Clicks

the key chain tag (a la ShoSho)

The art of eating: it's all about the ambiance!

Macarons anyone?

Weekend reads (yes, I'm a Mac convert in the making)

To a great weekend ahead! xx


A Journal Entry said...

i can't wait to read the book.. have u seen the display on harry winston's?? they show the book oo a shoe with rings on the heels..
tell me how the book is when u finish reading it ;)

Ms. D said...

twanis ur keychain ;p



Big Pearls said...

nice keychain:)

~Lush said...

keychain etshawiiiq !! hehe

purelyorchid said...

ur click-clicks are fun-fun! enjoy ur weekend;p

Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: so far so good, its a fun read.. ma shft harry winston's display! bes thats such a fab idea! x

ms. d: lol wa9la :P

big pearls: thanx :)

lush: merci babe x

purelyorchid: thanx you too! xx

Ruby Woo said...

your keychain looks cute..
il macaroons look scrumptious..
the books looks interesting..
the drink look delish..

Squirreliya said...

haave a great weekend :>

styleexpress said...

cute post!! i love it! enjoy ur weekend;p

Peony said...

tell me if that book is any good ;)
yummy macaroons ! i want some !!

ooh, u're a mac person! we're the best kind you know ;)

nyxxie said...

i've got the book i'm yet to read it though, have a fabulous weekend and you've got gorgeous nailvarnish darlin ;-)

Fastidious Babe said...

rubywoo: thanx babe, ur comment rocks! xx

Squirreliya: thanx babe x

styleexpress: thank you! have a great weekend too! x

peony: the book just hit plateau.. bes ba3adny bakamla w bakhabrch..
il macarons khalle9ow :P
and i'm still working on the mac thing :P i love my vaio its so hard to let go! lol x

nyxxie: thanx babe... 3yoonch il gorgeous xx

enchanteurs said...

cute key chain ;p
oo a5er pic ur nail polish ishaweg! Givenchy ?? :P

Fastidious Babe said...

thanx! la2.. its sephora! but chanel's summer collection has a similar colour too xx

chika said...

I am craving macaroons now!

Fastidious Babe said...

t3awethaiy mn iblees its really too late for craves! lol

PinkChampagne said...

You gorgeousness! update too fast for me mashalla...I love this blog to death.
Im looking forward to reading this book...have you read Bergdorf Blondes? You'll love it, my fave chick lit book so far.
The mocktails? PC approves :D
Heres to you F.B xxx

Fastidious Babe said...

PC ur comments make my day! no i haven't read bergdorf blondes yet.. but i'm on the look out for fun beach reads! xx