Sunday, June 1, 2008

What did u think of Abdullah?

We all agree that Dr Phil is a hypocrite trying to sabotage what little (if at all) good publicity the arabs have.

Now,having said that...
Did you see Abdullah on kalam nawa3em tonight?
And what did u think of him?

a. psychopathic stalker/ terrorist
b. lying gold digger
c. naive fool
d. other?

And was it just me, or did it feel highly inappropriate to be poking into some kids' love life?!

screw propaganda xx


A Journal Entry said...

i hate dr.phil

hehe i feel like a broken record going along and stating that i hate him in every blog that mention him!

but i can't help it! i HATE him!
his accent his show.. it just gets on my nerves..

did i mention enny i hate him??!

Fastidious Babe said...

lol okay, noted..

BUT what did u think of 3abdalla? xD

nyxxie said...

madaany dr phill
o ma cheft abdulla on kalam nawa3em

I love khawater <3

PaLoMiNo said...

ana sheft awl 5 mins bas law3 chbdy o shelta ;r shkla yabe yenshehir o mo 3arf shloon!
o il moth3aat ma3rf asmeeehom so i will describe them ;p
hathy il mteena il ma9reya shfeeha shada 7aylha zyda 3an il lezooom??
wel thanya fara7 i think esmha il sorya?? I hate her hair cut o il color!! 7ada they dont suit her!! 3ad 7araam khrbat shklhaa waydddddddddd
oo ako il thnya om sha3r aswad, is that her hair or barooka??
o finally om 7jaab! meno hathy??? wayn kawthaaar!! ana a7eb kawthar also!! mo hathy ele m6l3a gethlat-ha il shagra ;p

agool ana sheft 5 mins o sharsha7t-hom ;p low shyfa il 7alqa kamlaa shaswe ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

eeh o 3ala 6are dr. phil ;p madry mako masha3ir yet ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

nyxxie: oh! well u didnt miss out wayed.. as for khawater.. ma3arefha.. bes i've heard good stuff :P xx

palomino: lol emmm GIRL WERE U HIGH? :P b9ara7a i got ur reply wana at work.. and i went like WHOA lool tjaneeneeen xD ana ba3ad ma3arf asameehm bs ilma9reya was super funny XD and the dude shakla fake/freak. As for dr phil.. trust me, u hate him XD lol xx

Peony said...

i saw the last part of the kalam nawa3im episode..

seemed like a liar to me.
ya3ni is he really going to convince me that life in Palistine is so much better than the states ? come on.

qair hatha, he seemed like a liar who is dying for fame...

HQ said...

i think that the public is making a big deal out of this and i dont understand y dr phil and kalam nawa3m have to get into their lives..
if theey want to be together then they can its a free world

Fastidious Babe said...

peony: i hear u.. he really came off as a liar...

hq: yeah.. i guess that's media for us.. >_<

A Journal Entry said...

i didn't c the episode =S