Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why today sucked

Before u read this, i shall warn u that this is one long ass blog entry with a whole lotta cussing and complaining. So if ur not in that dark place i'm in right now, do not proceed! Here goes:

Shit happens, all the time.. and it always always comes in threes.. ALWAYS!

Today was supposed to be one of those amazingly chilled out days.. lunch, movies and probably a shopping spree.. yaiy!

So there we are at destination lunch place, it had the perfect atmosphere, perfect lighting, perfect everything..
we order.. and they bring us something we didn't ask for.. I tell the dude that we did not order the dish.. no biggy right?
But the waiter walks back to me and goes like: "so u'ld like to cancel it now?" in this condescending tone >__< i breathed in breathed out, told him POLITELY that i really cannot cancel something i didnt order in the first place.. vraiment?
He seemed ticked off.. i hope he didn't spit in my food or something.. Anyways.. The manager walks by.. goes like oh i guess he mis-heard or something.. enjoy ur meal etc etc

We eat, we hang out.. the place is really heavenly.. u guys should try it if ur in dubai.. Khan Murjan.. and then i ask for the bill.. we had to rush to the movies.. i skim it (i started skim reading the bills recently, after my friend noticed that sometimes they double charge stuff) ANYWAYS.. they charged the dish i had supposedly ordered and supposedly canceled.. and then i had to talk to the manager YET AGAIN! ugh.. its irritating.. not a total mood kill.. but just enough to get u worked up.. and ready for what happened next XD

We head to the movies.. I get the tickets.. we walk into the theater.. get seated.. and then juuuust before our movie starts.. the usher walks up to us.. and goes like "those aren't ur seats, lemme have a look at those tickets" .. it turns out, the lady at ticketing gave us the wrong tickets, to another movie XD AND SO.. he runs off to to get it sorted out.. I continue breathing in and out.. i mean .. ITS JUST THE MOVIES! what could go wrong? right? He comes back, goes like its all taken, u can sit up front.. its empty there!
WHAT? why should i sit upfront when i came on time, got myself tickets, and chose where i wanted to sit! like hello? So there i was, sorting it out with management AGAIN! this lead to that.. and we got proper seats..

Watched the movie, wasn't really into it, as (check the previous post) i was clicking away taking shots and blogging and emailing and g-talking and stuff.. its not a bad movie, just not my kinda flick.

So THEN.. We had to go get some coffee (the highlight of the day!).. i noticed that i had the wrong purse on me.. but i had a credit card in there.. i called the bank to check that i'm fine.. and he assured me that i have this n that in my credit.. all is well and good.. i might get me a pair of shoes while i'm at it.. god knows it woulda made my day!

So we go get coffee.. (it was la creme de la creme of coffees, Segafredos.. i have a love affair with them) anyways.. and then we hit the stores, I look around.. find this super cute oversized cardigan i've been looking for for So Long now.. its fall/winter, but its made of the softest cotton, and it would look fab belted.. i try it on.. i love it! (oh and ofcourse, they just got it a few days ago and its the last piece etc etc) .. I give her my credit card.. AND IT GETS DECLINED! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? this really never happened to me and i thought that she would cut it or something LIKE THEY DO ON TV LOL anyways.. she tried again.. it didn't work.. ouch, it was getting late anyways.. had to put it on hold and call the bank to sort out what went wrong.. Long story short.. the bank has issues.. something they would resolve soon enough i hope..

BUT.. the day totally sucked.

Am i over exaggerating? do i get worked up on trivial matters? I don't know and i really do not care! i need to pass out and hope that tomorrow is a better day!

- to tomorrow! xx


A Journal Entry said...

the waiter was playing dumb thinking that u would not notice.. how i hate it when they do that =S

Silver said...

sometimes the smallest things can get u upset, especially if u were expecting a pleasant day ahead of u. i wud get upset too. and i always ALWAYS get worked up when i get charged for something i ddnt order, madre laish bs it rly pisses me off.. ;/

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean...sometimes all it takes are stupid little things to ruin your day
but try not to let it get to itll be a day of ur life that you hated and that you will never get back again, so ma teswa u waste it feeling crappy!

Baroque said...

if it makes u feel any better, je suis stressful eater..

had an ice lolly and was just about to wipe out a box of chocolates (**if my friend hadn't called and intervened)

i don't know why though?

i just know that i am extremely irritated..

don't you hate it when good days have bad endings? xx

Cocoamour said...

That was one hell of dayy .. Too much drama goin on !

Anonymous said...

someone told me a v. long time ago that for every bad day you have, you'll have one fabulous one.. to keep things balanced :)
hope tomorrow is ur fab one hun.. btw where's segafredo's?

Essa A. said...

i really loved the warning that u gave belbedaya ;p

Anonymous said...

some days are bad and some are good but there is always a better tomorrow so have a good day :D

Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: i know.. ystahbal!

silver: yeah thats the thing, it was supposed to be mellowed out and relaxing but ended up being crappy..

dandoon: true, lil things are not worth getting worked up on.. and i really blv in this.. but sometimes they just get to u..

baroque: maybe its that time du mois? hope ur all better now! xx

cocoamour: I KNOW! major drama when all we wanted is to loosen up and have a chilled out time.. yeah well..

anonymous: segafredos is in Wafi City... hope u have a fabulous day too! x

essa a: i hate long blog entries, let alone ones packed with negativity.. thought u guys deserved the heads up! lol

amu: thank you! hope u have a great day urself :)

PinkChampagne said...

Darling you cannot imagine how these things have such a habit of happening with me to the point where all I can do is shrug it off with a nonchalant blase eyeroll...last week was a disaster with a capital D...your best bet is to expect sometimes you'll have a one off day...week or even a year *sigh*..but the rainbows do shine and youve handled everything with grace which is the most important thing.
Im sending you the bubbliest hug in the world right now and a splash of bubblykisses to top it off xxx

Ansam said...

sometimes when it rains... it pours!

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: that's the cutest comment ever! totally made my day xx

ansam: tell me about it! x