Friday, June 27, 2008


Chuck Bass, looking as good as always in the sad excuse of a movie "son of rambo".

Couldn't find a better gig stud?

You know I love u xoxo ;)

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Big Pearls said...

LoL missing TV series:/

in my choos said...

OMG!! i love love love love love chuck!!! lol everyone makes fun of me enna ewhhh shlone et7ebbeeena? tres mischievous *smirK



Anonymous said...

I am lost...I dont know what u guys are talking about,,,hehe

eshda3wa said...

kelish mashiifah 7elow!

Anonymous said...

hes not drop dead gorgeous...i think hes just average...

am i crazy??

Fastidious Babe said...

big pearls: i know me too!

in my choos: i totally get why he's hot!

amu: some girly tv series :P

eshda3wa: its all in the attitude babe

dandoon: ur not, he has this "thing" not drop dead gorgeous though x

Ruby Woo said...

I LOVE HIM! I see him as the hottest out of all male characters in the show. I just swoon over him and blair! Too HOT!

Anonymous said...

son of rambo? really?;p... FB please do the mosaic thingi... I really want to see u in squares;p

nyxxie said...

hahahaha you're cute

Anonymous said...

I am more into computer than tv series :P no doubt i was lost :D

Rimyoleta said...

I love Chuck Bass!

But Rambo? guess not!

Fastidious Babe said...

ruby woo: tell me about it! those two are phenomenaaaaaaaal together!

purelyorchid: oh la t-thakreenee.. sheer torture! the ONLY highlight of the movie was the appearance of chuck! lol

nyxxie: thanx lol x

amu: its from Gossip Girl XD

rumyoleta: its a sucky movie.. like bigtime.

PaLoMiNo said...

ana I love u :***

amu me2 madry sheslfaa hehehehehehehe mo bas enta ;p

ma a3rfa wela shyfa il series ;p

OMG 3adi ana bnya o madry sheslfa? ;p

wela ashik eb enoothty ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

palomino: :O go to and type in gossip girl and update urself pronto :P