Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Answer this:

"What do you do in your leisure time?"

When asked, I surprised myself by not really knowing what to say. At first I thought: shop! Then movies, eating out, working out.. But that bored me even as I heard myself say it! Cuz those don't really fall under leisure.. They are just daily activities..

So I ask you: what are your leisure activities?

- to long-lost adrenaline rushes! xx
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Baroque said...

read ur blog and sip diet coke or a latte, either one.

no seriously, i surf the web and watch episodes on itunes..

yes, we are boring. xx but fab nonetheless.

:::ShoSho::: said...

Well.. we do sit and sulk most of the time.. but I recently learned Knitting and i am enjoying it.. I also take photos sometimes and read alot.. I don't like watching tv but I watch my shows on tv when I am in the mood, say like every 2 or 4 months..

Peony said...

just sit and sulk most of the time too, but recently i found the love of baking... so now i bake or just sulk

Mi said...

Doing the less important things (socializing, youtubing, designing, painting, dxb-ing) whenever I have to not. And it makes me feel GooD. That is what i call leisure time.

Otherwise, life is be boring.

Anonymous said...

Internet? Episodes? Movies? Coffee? Hangout with friends? Shop?Watch tv at home? i don't really know? all of the above+more! Nothing interesting.. The question makes me think. We really need more activities here!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

leisure time?
what are these strange words you speak of?! =S

Ansam said...

going to the beach, swim, jet ski, sun tan, and so! hehehehe

I also like to hang out with friends

Go to a coffee shop with me, myself, and I

Listen to music

Surf the net


Fastidious Babe said...

baroque: that we are babe! that we are! XD xx

shosho: i enjoy photography too :)

peony: i always thought i should take baking classes or just try it out.. never got round to it tho!

mi: i should get a canvas and see where that goes..

styleexpress: exactly.. we are limited over here!

dandoon: time well spent, but not acknowledged XD

ansam: i miss the beach! thakarteeneee b my long-lost love!

desertpalms said...