Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Positive Affect

Ever noticed how some people act differently when they are around a certain person, and no I don't mean: smarter, ruder, meaner etc.. I mean how their set of values seem to change when in contact with that person.

Its like they get stronger, more moral, and focussed..

One might call it "a touch of an angel" others mights see it as plain ol' "hypocrisy".

Have you seen this around you? And do you think that some people have a positive affect on others, that having them around brings out that better person?

Do you blv that we can have such power over others, and if so.. Does that make us responsible of their wellbeing?

- to productive interactions xx

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PaLoMiNo said...

1st ;p

PaLoMiNo said...


bas lel asaaaf y3ni ;p ana most ele 7awly eykooonooon with negative affect!!! ele when they get near me I get so upset o depressed menhom!!!

ohma il 3axs eygoloon ur positive o lama neye 3indch nerta7 o nestanes! ok ana sheno thnby tnqloon le ur negative affect ;X

I need to be around more +ve people!!:)

3anooda said...

wayid and its damn annoying - 7ata i know people ili depending on who they are sitting with they will start acting more posh - asking for tea with a squeze of lemon and drink it with a pinky sticking out when they are usually the legs tucked under them with a mug of black coffee kind of pple.


Mrs. said...

so so true,, I have a friend that whenever I talk to her I become the character of mean girls!! & another whenever Im with her I become angelic :P
its sooooooooo strange walaaa

Ansam said...

I have seen it... I mean I can send +ve/-ve vibes depends on my mood and unintentionally... I was really angry one day at a sales lady but was holding my anger in...my friend did all the work for me without me asking her, she senses I was mad I guess and spoke for me LOL I did not really like it but it confirms your argument

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Yes! Definitely yes, and it is not hypocrisy. Some people motivate you and make it like la vie en rose. Others suck the energy out of every void. That affects how you feel, hence how you react.

Fastidious Babe said...

Palomino: lol well u should definitely find urself someone positive! akhas shaiy il negativity! ughhh!

3anooda: i guess this falls under hypocrisy then..

mrs: yes it is.. but i do blv that some people can bring out the best in others :)

ansam: lol mmmm i guess ur friend reads u well than!

sham3at al jillas: i call those drainers, people u should definitely kick out of ur life!

Mi said...

it's true, i blv it works like a magnet.

Some ppl attract the positive vibes of creativity, goodness, & morality in you... while some will make you want to kill yourself, talk shit, & be negative..

It's amazing, and totally different than hypocrisy, being two-faced etc..

I can relate that to seeing celebrities (stars, shaikhs, m7addetheen) and how that for no reason will make you smile in a very stupid way. Thing is that they (celebrities) get this aurora from the love and appreciation of fans & followers that is surrounding them. love circulates :p