Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On gym etiquette and similar situations..

I finally made it to the gym yesterday, and after having a small talk with my trainer (who was very very disappointed at my disappearance act), I got to the actual workout. Only then did I realise that I did not have my mp3 player on me. Oh-oh.

My gym protocol is as follows: get in there, pop in ur ear set, cardio, then a one-on-one with the trainer, stretch, hit the showers. Get out. The sooner, the better.

However, since I did not have my player on me, I was forced to look around.. There was always the overtly social lady, who felt its appropriate to discuss current events while huffing and puffing on the treadmill, the girls who confused the gym with the mall and would be all dolled up, makeup, hair, complimentary eye roll included. And then there comes a lady, every once in a while, who feels its her place to let u know that: the gym is a place for really fat people, and what are you doing here? *shoots an "are u one of em "anorexics" look in just for good meassure*.. Ugh! (Trust me peeps, I am nothing close to an anorexic! lol if only! :p)

And I usually avoid having to deal with this crowd by smiling at my tunes, and.. working out!

So yesterday, this got me thinking: gym etiquette.. Do's and Don'ts.. There should be a list somewhere!

- to healthy workouts! xx

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Big Pearls said...

I miss going to the gym..I should try harder.

Ansam said...

I remember few years back when I was in one of those gyms here in Kuwait with a .... coffee shop, I tried to avoid socializing because I was there for a purpose, come in, work out, and leave. One of my friends thought I was avoiding her cuz I waved and gave a fly kiss instead of actually stand and talk and kiss... we were in the gym for God's sake! mo mal kissing o socializing LOL

Delly said...

waaai!!! the thing i hate in the gym is when girls with big boobs wearing really tight tshirts, running on treadmills! ufff do we have to see ur boobs going up and down ya3ni!!

Fastidious Babe said...

BP: i would have imagined u can help me out here.. with an etiquette list of some sorts! lol xx

ansam: omg a gym with a coffee shop! enough with the muffin tops already! lol and yes, im all for Less Talk more Working Out fl gym lol xx

delly: i was JUUST telling my friend about this girl who was working out without wearing a bra!!! WHO DOES THAT! lol sorry this just happened so im still worked out about it!

Fastidious Babe said...

worked up* :P

A Journal Entry said...

there really should be!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!! bas yaboon isolfon! i was running on the treadmill and these two grls nxt to me as u mentioned huffing and puffing oo ma skitaw ma skitaaw!! i was nearly gonna scream SHUT UP!!! my god oo la i found out they just met? a gym is not a place to make friends!! let us work out in peace!

Mi said...

The list? Stp..

Okay I googled that up & got 166 K results. Nteresting reads.

Fastidious Babe said...

must check em out! x