Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes I have a sweet tooth, maybe more than just the one..

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts.. and boy have i been indulging! Here are seven reasons i need to put more effort into finding "gym time" and burning those calories!

1. Confiserie Sprüngli (switzerland's finest):

2. Dome's Lamingtons:

3. Paul's strawberry charlotte:

4. Banana beignets @ Noodle House:

5. Pecan Pancakes @ Mug&Bean:

6. my when in doubt bar:

7. Special Chocolate cake at Zuma (caramel filled heaven):

At any given time i would be craving one or the other :P

What are your weak spots when it comes to dessert?

- to caramels, bonbons et chocolats xx


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i dont have weak just weak all over :(

ps: this post increases the risk for me becoming diabetic! ;)

Big Pearls said...

Emmm abi shay ma3a toffee!!

Ansam said...


A Journal Entry said...

i just wanna dig right through the zuma cake... it looks goooooood!

i have a weakness for chocolate!

ManalQ8 said...


the picture of the chocolate looks yummmmmy

desertpalms said...

ohh goddd they all look goooddd il finish them ALL no problemm! ive just had a whole box of krispy kreme donuts as welll...3aaaaaaaaadi sa7? =P

Layla said...

oh Although I don't have a sweet tooth, but ur pix made me droolingg all the way.

I'd say my weak point would be anything with the word "Caramel"

Fury said...

your post is making me dizzy with craving for processed sweet tooth does not discriminate at all when it comes to desserts..:P

Maitha said...

- mOre's coconut cherry chocolate ice cream.
- home made chocolate fondant.
- Dome's Carrot Cake.
- Galler's chocolate tart.
- Home made shee3eeriya deserts with sweetened condensed milk mmm!
- More's dutch pancakes with hazelnut and coconut.
- Harvey Nichols London espresso bar's brownie.

:::ShoSho::: said...

London's 99 ice-cream!!! I have been wanting that since yesterday!

Fastidious Babe said...

dandooon: lol i totally get that! "weak all over!"

BP: toffee mmmm im not much of a toffee person!

ansam: a girl's best friend!

a journal entry: it is good!

manalq8: :) it is! lol

desertpalms: bl3afya but la2 msh 3ady :P

layla: :O how can u not have a sweet tooth :P lol

fury: lol spread the love!! xD

maitha: i love mOre! havent been there in ages.. u got me craving everything there! x

shosho: i've been craving bens cookies for sometime now.. i can't wait until someone i know gets back from london with a boxful!

Dreamy said...

aaah Mug & beans oreo cheesecake & the one also ..

Annick said...

Thanks for writing this.