Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rose & Sage

The CW (of gossip girl) have a new show this fall: "Privileged". Yet another teen flick that gives you a dose of everything marc, and a quick fashion fix! perfect between drama infused shows a la grey's anatomy.

Verdict: liking it so far! Loving Rose (with the stam)!

- to chick flicks and shallow obsessions! lol xx

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Ms. D said...

i havent been takin my dose of teen flicks la movies wala shows lately.. i guess am gona start doin that soon :)

aby ashof the thin skinny stylish girls wa7tar minhom ;p

Big Pearls said...

I love my TV series!:)

3anooda said...

i am soooo behind its not even funny. im downloadin now to catch up and im missing random episodes and i dont wanna start watching until everything is there. kila walla getting into it and when u get to episode 12 u realise u dont have it but you have everything after it

Mi said...

i'm still waiting for that tv show schedule :nods:

Fastidious Babe said...

ms.d : lol well if u've been watching any arabic shows this ramadan then u probably need to wipe off the images with an intense course of gossipgirl et al!

big pearls: me tooo!

3anooda: lol i dont mind, i try spacing out the episodes anyways!

mi: mn 3anoooooony.. kam Mi 3ndna? xx