Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baisers voles!

As I mentioned earlier, my new found love of black-n-white movies is taking over. This started after "Casablanca" and now involves french classics; which have been a delight (fashion statements included).

This weekend I came across an interesting movie "stolen kisses", its part of a series of movies about a young man: antoine et his amour: christine.

At first, the movie struck me as bizarre, and sans a proper plot. But then I was told that Francios Tuffaut's movies have a profound meaning behind the story being told, which kinda made it more entertaining.

Now that I bored u with this intro, I want to share a part of the movie I found interesting..

In his movie, there was a guy who had it all, a great career, impeccable health, a gorgeous wife.. Wealth and everything that came with it. But he had one little problem that stopped him from being a happy person, so he went to a private investigator inorder to find happiness: " People don't seem to like me!" He said. " People who work for me argue with everything I say, my wife laughs with everyone except when I crack a joke, and people just hate me. I need you to find out why." When asked why he didn't take his problem to a therapist, he said he wanted a fast answer and couldt care about hours spent on a couch discussing possibilities. He wanted answers.

Which to me says: success is measured by relationships, not achievements.

What does this story tell you?

- to classics! xx

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ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i liked th story =)

bt what did the investigator tell him? ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

the investigator slept with his wife.. but thats besides the point :P lol

Anonymous said...

oooooooh i love black and white movies!! they dont make them like that anymore ! :P eheheh feee movie i really love an american in paris oo gege!! u have to see them oo 6ab3an sabrina i love! bas .. oh they're not black and white ! :P bas u know the old movies!!! :P eheheheh

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Are you familiar with An Affair to Remember. If not, I think it is so your style.

Anonymous said...

ooooow! this movie sounds interesting!! want to watch now!..

Delicately Realistic said...

That u can ever have everything !


Fastidious Babe said...

enchanteurs: lol yeah i got it :P

sham3at al jillas: yes i have seen it.. the empire state date vraiment?

styleexpress: yeah i liked it!

DR: i guess that's true too xx

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Oui, c'est ca. Adorable, non? Oh, and Roman Holiday is really good too, no it's better.

Mi said...

No no no.. relationships follow achievements..

Like the saying:

رأيت الناس قد مالوا
إلى من عنده مالٌ
ومن لا عنده مالُ
فعنه الناس قد مالوا

Some relationships are in fact achievements ;p

babe i don't know if ur posts marra blog inspiring wla ana wayed m9a79e7a at this late hour. *like ever*