Thursday, October 23, 2008

Serenity is:

Sitting outdoors and being able to actually breath in the fresh air.

Taking in a full moon.

Good company.

3ood playing in the background.

Icecream (in this case: boo'6a.. Heavenly delights!)

Knowing that the week is finally over, and long hours of sleep-sans-alarmclock await.

Letting everything and everyone just be.

- to winter, and the cool nights ahead! xx

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A Journal Entry said...

enjoy ;)

Mi said...

Aba Ice cream.

& a good company.

With the oud playing in the bg...

and a full moon.

Or u know, no need, I'll be that.



Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: grazzie! xx

mi: ta3aaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeee!!!! and i had dibs on the moon hal shahar :P wla nsaity? XD

desertpalms said...

allaaah so relaxing

=( i want in too!

ManalQ8 said...

يا سلام

بس اتوقع هذا مطعم بو مزيان اذا انا مو غلطانة؟

Ansam said...

nice! I love that atmosphere... and with ice cream! ah a la mode hehehehe

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

egoloon elmayy o el5ethra oo elwajh al7asan

so much for serenity :(

SKITTLES said...

to winter!

Meticulous said...

nothing beats Good company.

Fastidious Babe said...

desertpalms: 7ayaach! x

manlq8: ?? ma3arfa! This is in Wafi city.

ansam: the atmosphere was parfait!

dandoon: i love ilmaa2 wil wajh il 7assan.. not big on greenery though!

skittles: xx!

meticulous: true that! x

Mi said...

lol yes yes

forgot that >_<