Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's with the weather?

I think the visibility is less than 10..

Thick fog is what it is..

Is this the situation everywhere?
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Mi said...

Everywhere in the UAE, n its been like this for some time now, most of schools r starting exams at 10:30 because of it. Remember the AD-Dubai road accident?

Delly said...

oh! becareful while driving.. but there's is one positive thing: u have an excuse arriving late to work :D
in Kuwait the weather is amazing! partly cloudy.. kelish mo mal dawam :/

Fastidious Babe said...

Mi: that's the first thing that came to my mind!

Delly: enjoy it babes! I know what ur talking about.. Worst feeling ever, to walk into a closed place (of work ;p) when the weather is fab outdoors.. Mais c'est la vie Xx

Lili3 said...

its the same in AD and Alain :S

Fastidious Babe said...

it was quite horrible yesterday.. today is better tho!