Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sugar Daddy's

Another cupcake store opens in Dubai..

Still haven't tried out the cupcakes, but the place looks deelish!

Btw, the weather is AMAZING here today!

- to candy-coloured delights xx

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nyxxie said...

i need one!

sil vous plait!

karroozi said...

i think they're the best in town!
& try their brownies.. 9yaa7 lol

A Journal Entry said...

it's setting looks cute!

desertpalms said...

mmm youve got me craving cupcakes noow..!! no faair dude!

Couture Carrie said...

Ooooh yum! Dubai is so NYC!


Cloudy Stars said...

pics of cupcakes ma3alaich amour next time plz ;)

Chinese Eyes said...

I so want

Aurous said...

I'm hungry :(

now I want cupcakes :p

Ruby Woo said...

Cupcakes *hearts*

Dreamy said...

where is it located?

Fastidious Babe said...

nyxxie: lol bien sur xx

karroozi: 9dgg?? will pass by later on today inshalla!

A journal Entry: i know! yjannen ilmkaan xD

desertpalms: lol i did not post any pics of the cupcakes yet though :P

CC: its morphing into nyc nicely ;P

Cloudy stars: lol d'accord!

Chinese eyes, Aurous, Ruby Woo: i know me tooo!

Dreamy: The Village :)

emma said...

I think they taste a bit fake. Scrumptious cupcakes are so much better!

emma said...

Think they tasted a bit fake, Scrumptious cupcakes are so much better!

Anonymous said...

kitsche cupcakes have the best cupcake in town. they have the best ruby red v, the best peanut butter cupcake, the best vanilla and the special kitsche cupcake!the place is much funkier than sugar daddys, it looks cool nyc-like. nice hangout. its not so childish like sugar daddys. and sugar daddy;s are too small and too too sweet. and all the flavors taste the same