Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Gift For Him

Spoil Him Buy:

Roadster XL in rose gold and walnut wood

Credit Crunch Buy:

Toy Watch - trendy and economically friendly ;P

- to rich espresso-esque tones xx


Delly said...

i dont like gold watches on men!
chena 7aram?? madri ma abi aftey ba3ad ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

i think it is lol i just liked the deep rich brown from the wood.. and it looks good with rose gold too.. oh and the toy watch is not gold, so ur not on 7aram territory there :P

ladybird said...

yeeeeiti 3ala el3ooooog i'm looking for a watch for my hubby, a brand,something around 10,000-ish less or more is ok, he wears watches with a strap, *not 9angal, shu 9angal belengish?lol*

any ideas?


Fastidious Babe said...

Lol.. 9angal would be: chain, I think. I think you should check out paris gallery cuz they have brands within 10,000. Not sure what's hot for men right now, just liked those for the colour lol. Gluck!

FourMe said...

lol nice one! ow I saw those toy watches couple days ago in Selfridges they had them in s0 many colours..

Chinese Eyes said...

I like!

sadia said...

yeah, like delly said, gold is 7aram for i would go for the toy watch too!

Cat said...

I loved the toy watch .. sporty

Fastidious Babe said...

FourMe: i knoe! we have them in dubai.. i got a studded one its super funky and great for the gym lol x

Chinese Eyes: I'm glad :)

sadia: i really like it :)

Cat: very much so! x

Anonymous said...

no gift for him....yama 3a6eena, ma ye6la3 eb3eenah..

anti-men for now:p

Miss-Informed said...

Gold doesn't even look nice on men I dunno why, silver looks more manly and appealing on them but these look ok. I like the brown too.